Monday, December 14, 2015

Hi everyone!

   This week was kinda upset crazy. Weather wise it was kinda warm, or
should I say in the 40's. Apparently there is some snow coming so that
will be fun. Also this week there was a small little electrical fire
in the church building. It was crazy. Elder Gutierrez and I had
randomly stopped at the church and noticed that the fire box by the
door was beeping. The alarm was not going off yet so it was really
weird. We went around and found the fire and called 911. The fire
department showed up and took care of it. It was small but it was
inside the wall a little so it was a blessing that we called when we
did. That was the craziest thing this week.
   Now on a different note there were also a lot of cool experiences
that happened this week. On Thursday we had a really cool experience.
We were out on some back roads trying to find a member that we were
planning on visiting. For some reason we couldn't find them at all so
we stopped by a random house to see if they would know. They looked up
the address online and sent us on our merry way. We tried those
directions but it was to no avail. We were fine with not finding the
member but we both felt like we needed to go back and talk with the
people that had helped us. For some reason it was really hard to
decide whether or not to go back so we prayed. After we finished
praying we both felt again that we really need to go back and invite
them to learn more, so that's what we did. It turned out that they
were not interested but then they let us use their phone and we got a
hold of the member we were wanting to visit. Even though those people
that we felt we needed to go back and talk to weren’t interested as we
left we both felt a profound peace hat we had done what God wanted us
to do. It was a powerful testimony building experience for both of us.
Another miracle this week was that we were blessed to have three
people that we are starting to work with show up To church, and all of
them really enjoyed it. There are so many blessings and miracles that
happen and it helps to strengthen my testimony every time. I love
being able to serve a mission and be a part of this incredible work! I
love you all!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hi every one!

     So this week has been pretty nice. It has been in the 40's all
week so it's been warm. There is snow expected for later this week so
that will be fun! Other than that all is going well weather wise!
   This week we had some cool miracles. One was one Tuesday evening.
We had selected a few less-actives that we wanted to find. One was a
guy by the name of Virgil. We went out to Virgil's house. His address
ended up being a nail salon. We were going to just leave but we
decided to try calling. As it turns out it was his wife's nail salon
and their house was just across the street. As we were on the phone
Virgil came outside his house and waved us over. We then had a really
good visit and have an appointment to go back tomorrow! He seemed
really excited to have us come by. It was an amazing little miracle to
meet someone who is so willing and desirous to meet with us. I love
seeing all the little miracles and the many blessings all the time. I
know this is the Lord's work that am blessed to be a part of. I love
you all!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

We saw a Llama :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello everyone!!!!

   It is still cold. Just this morning the temperature was 5 with
wind-chill. The 20's and 30's are feeling great now. It's weird how
easily our bodies adjust to the cold. Just a few weeks ago 30
freezing but now 30
seems warm. My new companion is awesome! He is
from Southern California as well which is nice! His name is Elder
   This week has been great. We had a really good Thanksgiving and
actually found a part member family that has some really good
potential on Thanksgiving Day. We went to a member’s house for our
Thanksgiving Lunch/dinner and they had invited the part member
family. It was really cool to be able to meet them. The dad who is not
a member seems really interested in learning and he already has a
really good fellowship. It seems like finding investigators at its
finest. It was a nice Thanksgiving miracle! All is well and we are
working on the "Roundup" of people to teach. Good things are happening
in Roundup!

Elder Kimball

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello everybody!

Well transfers have struck again and chose me. I am going from the
wonderful small town of Wright to the equally small town of Roundup,
Montana. My new companion will be one Elder Gutierrez. Many more
adventures to come! I was somewhat saddened when I found out I was
getting transferred but excited for the new experiences that lay ahead.
I have really grown to love this area and the members here. I will
really miss them and their wonderful spirit. I have learned much in
this area in the six months that I have been here. One of the best
things I learned was how to effectively use my time when there is
absolutely nothing to do. I also learned how to work better with
members and the ward council. I hope that I will be able to carry
those lessons on to my future areas effectively. I am truly grateful
for the opportunity I have had to serve here in Wright, Wyoming. I hope
that I will be able to be a blessing to those in the Roundup area.
This past week has been pretty awesome! I spent a day in Gillette for an
exchange which was fun. There have been a lot of good things happening
in our area recently. It has all been happening slowly but it is still
awesome! I have loved Wright and I am excited for Roundup.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Picture for the week

It snowed  :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello all!

 So this week we actually got some snow! It was pretty awesome. Just a
little and it was mostly gone by the morning but it still snowed. So
that means winter is coming. So it is time to prepare for more cold! I
think I'm ready.
    So this week was pretty awesome! One big miracle from this week
happened on Sunday. We had set a goal to have two investigators at
sacrament meeting. We worked all week to encourage our investigators
to come to sacrament meeting. On Sunday morning the only people we
were expecting got called in to work so they couldn't come. The
miracle came when three of our other investigators were able to show
up out of the blue. It was an awesome miracle! We had given our all
and the Lord provided blessings. We had no control other than to
invite and wait and see. I have truly grown to recognize more and more
the small little miracles in my life. I am loving this work and all
the blessings that I witness daily.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Sunset Wyoming style
First morning snow

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hi Everybody

This week has been getting a little chilly, and the wind has been
picking up as well which just adds wind chill and cold. We actually
woke up one morning and when we looked outside there was a nice frost
layer on the cars. Also lately we have been seeing a lot of buffalo on
our drives to Gillette and back. So that has been the random stuff
from this week.
    Other than that this week has been awesome! We have been spending
much of our time contacting and we are starting to sift the wheat from
the tares. We have been able to finally get a hold of some less
actives that we haven't found until now and as well sift out those
investigators that are not really interested at all. One miracle this
week was our lesson with Christy. She has been meeting with
missionaries for a while. Due to some personal things she has not been
able to get baptized but should be able to be at the beginning of the
year. We had a really good lesson with her and were able to discover
what really has been holding her back in her progression. It was
awesome to recognize how closely the spirit was directing the
discussion. I love to see the spirit touch the lives of people and to
see their willingness to follow God and the path that he provides for
them. I love this work and the opportunity have to be a part of it.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hello All!!!!

     So this week has been good. The weather has been nice and it
hasn't snowed yet which has been nice. Also I go my new companion
Elder Harper. There has been a lot of good but also some not so good
things happening with the work in this area.
        This week was really crazy with a lot happening but at the same time
kinda slow. We had to change our plans a little with the unexpected
transfer of Elder Rich. Then, to add to the craziness that always
seems to happen all at the same time, two of our investigators just up
and moved. Also everyone seemed to be busy this week as it was
difficult to schedule appointments. We have continued to work and
search for people that would be willing to let us visit with them.
There were two small miracles this week that were very similar. Both
came as a result of contacting some potential investigators. On
Thursday, after weekly planning, Elder Harper and I went to go contact
some potential investigators. The first person we tried was Karen.
Elder Rich and I had tracted into Karen a little over a week ago. At
that time she asked us to come back in a week because she was really
busy at the moment. When we came back we did not know what to expect.
To our delight she still is interested in learning. She has a strong
faith in Christ and is desirous to learn more. I know that we were
sent there for a reason. Most of our miracles this week were very
similar to that. I love working in this area and with the people here.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Coool looking car we saw in Gillette

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hi everybody

 So this week has been kinda cold, I guess more cool for this area. It
 has stayed in the 40's and 50's all week. Nothing too cold but a
 little prep for winter. This week was also pretty awesome because of
 General Conference! I don't think I have ever been so excited to watch
 general conference as I have been on my mission. It truly is a
 revelatory experience.
     I especially Loved Elder Quentin L Cook's talk about being
 prepared for the storms of life. I love the phrase "Ship shape and
 Bristol Fashion".  That was an answer directly to me of one of the
 questions I had prepared to take to conference. I had prepared in my
 notes the question "What does the Lord expect of me as a missionary?"
 The idea of being Ship shape and Bristol Fashion was the answer I was
 looking for. As I continue to strive to be prepared and ready for the
 challenges and trial that will come I have noticed that some things
 that used to seem difficult are now more simple and easier to bear.
 This week was a little slow yet even though it was somewhat slow it
 was amazing to see how the Lord still helps his work progress. On
 Friday Elder Nelson came on an exchange with us. During that exchange
 we stopped by the house of one of our investigators. They let us in
 and we told them about General Conference. Right then and there he
 selected it to record it so if he didn't watch it then he could watch
 it later. On Sunday night we had an appointment with them. They had not
 watched conference yet but before we left they had it on and were
 sitting and watching it. It was awesome to see as well that in just the
 first few minutes they already had something stand out to them. They
 are prepared for the gospel, their progress has been slow but it is
 amazing to see their progress still happening. I love this work and I
 love our Savior. General Conference truly is a time to receive direct
 revelation for the world from the Lord. The gospel is true. I know it
 and I love it.

 Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello everybody!

      This week has been pretty awesome! it has been a little warm
but recently cooled off a lot!!! Last night we stopped and I got a
sweet picture of some lightning. It was a little stormy last night.
There are a lot of amazing things that have happened. One is that we
have been super busy!
       This week has been amazing! We had a really good planning
session a week ago and talked about how to get the work progressing in
this area. Our goal is to make this small little town a vibrant
proselyting area. It is a small town here and it seems to be a little
harder to get a lot of new investigators. There is however a tight
community bond amongst the people here. Our focus has really been
working through the members. We even started implementing some active
member lesson once or twice a week. Not too much to distract from our
investigators or less actives but just enough so it has an effect. We
are beginning to see more success in regards to how often we have
appointments. The blessings of member referrals is not coming at this
point but we are definitely being blessed in other ways. This past week
has been super busy and this next week is looking to be the same way!
I know that as we set goals and make plans for how to accomplish those
goals the Lord blesses us in so many ways! It truly is an act of faith
and diligence. I love this work and the people i am so blessed to

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Lightning pictures both taken with a 15sec shutter speed

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello All!

  So this week was rather uneventful. Nothing too crazy weather wise
but it’s been good. There have been some cool sunsets. Picture included.
    This week we had a few little miracles which were all pretty
awesome! One happened this Sunday evening. We tracted into this lady
named Adrianne. She seemed to be really busy but we still were
persistent. We found out that she has a child that is ill and has been
for a while. We testified of the Restoration and especially of the
priesthood. It was at that point that her face changed. It changed
from just talking to us to a genuine interest. As we left it seemed as
though she really wanted us to come back eventually and talk with her
more. I am continually amaze at the way we are guided by the spirit. I
love being able to witness the spirit as it touches people’s hearts. I
love this gospel and I know that it is true. I learned a lot this week
that it is through the spirit that hearts are touched.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello all!

  SO this week was pretty awesome! Somehow by accident I ended up in the newspaper here! we were doing service at the library and someone took a picture of all of the volunteers as we were helping. So we got on to the front cover! Also it has been really hot here the past week but the work goes on. 

So highlight of this week. On Sunday the parents of a family that was recently reactivated spoke in church. They gave wonderful talks and it was amazing to see contrast of when they were't coming to now and how much they have embraced the gospel now. Also on Sunday, Sunday was just an awesome day, one of our investigators that we haven't been able to see in the past few weeks came to church!! It was amazing because he has been gone for about a month but still is wanting to get baptized. It has been a pretty awesome week. Also we got our transfer calls yesterday. Both Elder Rich and I are staying here in Wright! I will know this town too well after all the time I've been here. This is going to be a fun 6 weeks! I love his gospel and the amazing blessings it brings into the lives of all those that strive to learn and live it! Thank you all for your support

Elder Cameron J Kimball
Pretty flower

Elder Kimball in the news

Corn snake friend

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hi everybody!

SO this week was pretty unique! Weather wise it was nice and cool for
most of the week. I spent most of the first half of the week in
Gillette on an exchange so I was not in my own area at all but it was
lots of fun! I got to help out another set of elders and learn a lot
from them as well.
  On Thursday we had a big day. We woke up super early and drove the 4
hours to Billings for a meeting. The meeting was with Elder Martino of
the Seventy. He came to our mission for a mission tour. It was a
really awesome meeting and I learned so much! They raised the mission
goals which will make the mission as a whole stretch to achieve those
goals. It was an amazing opportunity to meet a member of the seventy
and to learn from him. We have been starting to try and apply what we
learned and it seems to be somewhat making a difference. One of the
most noticeable differences is how many referrals that we get from
members. At dinners we have changed the way we ask people who they
know that we can visit. We have already seen more names of people that
we can visit that would be more receptive. It was a wonderful week.
Slow but still good things happening. I love being a missionary.
Elder Cameron J Kimball
some members took us spider
hunting...This one was about the size of my palm...maybe a little is a wolf times...

Hello Every Body!!

   SO It is beginning to cool off here in Wyoming. School is starting
soon apparently and that seems to mean winter is beginning soon as
well. It is raining a lot more lately and all that fun stuff so the
cold will probably come in the next 3-4 months. Fun times.
     This week has been really good but kinda slow at the same time.
On Saturday our ward went up to Billings for a ward temple day, we
stayed in wright but that is ok. However among those that attended the
temple were 3 recent converts! It was amazing to see them after they
attended the temple and see the pure joy that they had felt from the
temple. Another amazing thing that happened this week was we finally
got one of our investigators back on date. We have been working with
Larry since before I came into this area. He was on date before but
had missed his date. I feel like this time he could make his date and
hopefully He will be baptized soon. It has been a really good week.
Also this week we had a really interesting experience. We tracted into
this lady and she seemed really interested. She said we could come
back when her husband was there the next day. We went back and ended
up talking with just the husband. He seemed somewhat interested but at
the same time not really. After a little bit we realized that he really
was not interested but rather was trying to tear down our faith. As we
drove away I knew with more a surety that This is Gods church. It was
interesting that even though He was trying to tear us down it ended up
strengthening my own testimony. I love this work of salvation that I
am privileged to be a part of.
Elder Cameron J Kimball
Bison Herd

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been pretty awesome. We had a freaky hail storm on
Tuesday night that seemed to come out of nowhere. We were just hopping
onto the highway to drive up to Gillette when it hit. It was so bad
that we had to pull off because we couldn't see anything. The hail was
about the size of a nickel and it was mixed in with a massive
downpour. We literally could not see any of the lines on the road at
all and we could not see any other cars except their lights. It was
pretty epic. At least we made it out safe.

    So this week we had some amazing miracles! One miracle actually
has two parts. A member in our ward suggested we go and tract into a
house of some of his co-workers. He works in the oil fields and
several of his co-workers room together when they are up here for
work. So we went by the house. The first time we ran into a guy named
Dallas. Dallas actually grew up in a part-member family but had never
joined the church. He seemed really interested in learning more about
the church and readily accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. A few
days later we stopped by again to see if Dallas was there. We talked
with Josh who told us that Dallas was not there. As we were walking
away we felt we should go back and invite Josh, Dallas's roommate, to
learn as well. This week we have an appointment with both Josh and
Dallas and both seem very interested. It truly was an amazing miracle
and helped to build my testimony of the importance of following the
promptings and feelings that we receive. I have truly been blessed
with the opportunity to serve a mission and especially serve in this
area. Miracles are real.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Big Sky

Another typical sunset

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


      This week has been hot. It has been in the 90's all week which
makes walking around very tiring, but it is all worth it. Along with
the heat comes the wind which helps a little. Yesterday we saw two
dust devils which was pretty cool! This week has been a difficult yet
very rewarding week, and it has been lots of fun!
     At the beginning of the week for the first few days almost all of
our set appointments fell through which was really tough. It was a
challenge to keep having everything fall through. However near the end
of the week things started to change. We made an extra effort to be
extra obedient and diligent and we almost immediately saw blessings
come. We have been doing a lot of tracting and from Monday until
Friday we did not find anyone that was interested. But between
Saturday and Sunday we were blessed with 4 new people to start
teaching! It made me think of something one of my companions would say
all the time "Obedience brings blessings; exact obedience brings
miracles." That is something that I really have seen this past week.
We may be doing what we are supposed to but as we strengthen our
commitment and obey more exactly instead of just being blessed we will
truly begin to see miracles in our lives. I love being able to learn
and understand more about the gospel and as well to share that with
all those that we come in contact with! I love you all!
Elder Cameron J Kimball
pretty sky background

me and pretty sky background....and our little tiny car

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hello Everybody!

  So this week was quite the adventure! I finally got my new companion
on Wednesday night really late so we didn't get back to Wright until
Thursday morning. I spent most the the past week up in Gillette
waiting for my new companion. His name is Elder Rich and he is from
Kansas City Missouri. This is his first week in the mission field so
that adds to the adventure!

 This past few days there have been some cool things that have
happened. We have spent a lot of our time contacting people that
previous missionaries had talked to. It surprises me how some of the
people that we have met are ready to learn about the Gospel but were
never contacted again after the first time. I am loving this area! I
have learned a lot here. The best part of the week was Sunday. We had
visited a few people on Friday and Saturday and talked with them just
for a little bit. Then on Sunday we had a lot of people that we had
met and are going to work come to church! it was amazing to see them
there and make the choice themselves to come. I love this Gospel and
the Light and Knowledge that it brings. I truly have been blessed with
this opportunity to serve and dedicate this time to the Lord!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Morning!

   This week has been pretty awesome and very hectic. The craziness started on Friday when my companion, Elder Hedman left. He has completed his mission and for some reason they send those people who are going home a few days early. Also yesterday we got our calls for the new transfer. I am staying in Wright and have the opportunity to train a brand new missionary again. I am excited to stay in Wright, I am loving this area.

    One awesome thing that happened this week was that we had a zone training meeting on Tuesday. At that meeting they had the departing testimonies of the missionaries that were going home. It was amazing to be able to feel their spirit and to see how they have become converted to the gospel. One of those missionaries was Elder Vasquez. Elder Vasquez actually served right around me when I first came out. It was incredible to see the difference from then until now. The gospel of Jesus Christ really does change lives for the better. We have been able to visit with many people and to see the gospel truly bless their lives. In my studies I have been reading the Old Testament. It is very confusing sometimes but I still have learned a lot. A couple times as it is talking about the early prophets it says that they walked with God. They were truly converted to the gospel and got to the point of having the opportunity to walk with God. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It has the power to make us who God wants us to be as we humble live the Gospel every day. I thank you all for the continued support. 

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello again!!!

  Well This week was pretty awesome and somewhat uneventful. One of
the Assistants in our mission came on an exchange with us just for a
day which was really awesome! They have been making rounds around the
mission and going with every companionship. It was a great learning
opportunity for me and I learned a lot!

Another amazing thing that happened this week happened in fact just
yesterday! The Father of the family that got baptized last week was
ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. I had the opportunity to
participate in that experience. It was amazing. I have truly been
blessed to see so many people learn and progress more in the gospel
and come closer to Christ. Also Yesterday was my companions last
Sunday in the mission field as he is completing his mission this
Saturday. This small little town continually surprises me with all the
amazing things that are  happening here, and all the wonderful people
that I am blessed to come in contact with. I am loving every moment
out here and it continues to be an amazing experience. I love this
gospel and I love sharing it!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hi everybody!!

    Well everything is going all Wright!!! This week has been pretty
awesome!! On Thursday we had another all day excursion to Billings
where we got to meet our new mission President, President Wadsworth!
He is super nice and I am excited for his new perspective on the
mission. It was a lot of driving that was well worth it.
Also this week we had a Baptism!!! On the 4th of July too!!! It almost
seemed like the best 4th of July Ever! It was a whole family that got
baptized which makes it even more amazing! 2 kids, their parents and
their Grandma! 3 generations all baptized on the same day! It was an
incredible blessing to have been a part of their lives and to see them
learn and progress in the gospel! My companion had the opportunity to
baptize them. It was an amazing experience to be a part of it all. The
spirit was so strong at their baptism as well as at their confirmation
the next day. I am loving this small little town. The Lord truly
prepares people no matter where they are. I love this area and the
work that I am blessed to be a part of. This truly is the gospel of
Jesus Christ that I am out here sharing with the world. I love it!!
Love Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hello everybody!!

So this week was kinda slow but there were a lot of amazing things
that happened! Here in Wright it is hard to have a lot to do all the
time. There are only 1800 people in the entire town and apparently
2800 people total if you include all the people in a 30 mile radius
from wright. But it is an awesome little town and there is some really
amazing things happening.
The most amazing thing that happened this week was on Thursday. We
have a family here that is working towards baptism but they were
really struggling with the word of wisdom. The father has been chewing
tobacco since the time he was 15 and the mother has an alcohol
problem. They were having a really hard time quitting. On Thursday
they had us come over to give them blessings so they could quit their
bad habits. We talked with them for a little bit then gave them both
blessings for strength to overcome. After we finished the dumped out
all their coffee, tea, alcohol, and tobacco right then. Since then
they have not bought anymore and are doing amazing!!! They are truly
prepared and ready for this gospel. The father told us in one lesson
that throughout his life he has gone from church to church but nothing
ever felt right, and now that he is attending The Church of Jesus
Christ he feels that he has finally found what he has been searching
for all his life. His simple testimony has strengthened mine in so
many ways. I love this blessing i have been given to come and serve in
this area at this time.
Elder Cameron J Kimball 

Hello Everybody!!

So this was pretty awesome!! The weather was beautiful other than one
thunderstorm that woke me up in the middle of the night. The
thunderstorm was pretty epic though. There was a ton of lighting!!
There seemed to be a flash of lightning every 2-3 seconds, but we were
safe and warm inside our apartment. By morning all was well and the
sun was out.
   However, weather aside this week was amazing! There continues to be
amazing miracles that seem to happen all the time here in wright. This
week ended truly amazingly. Yesterday during church we had an awesome
experience. Elder Hedman and I were teaching the gospel Principles
class. For the lesson we were talking about the life of Christ. During
the lesson Rodney, one of our investigators, answered one of the
question and then proceeded to bear testimony of how he knew that
particular point of doctrine. He already has a powerful testimony of
Christ and as well of the Book of Mormon. It has been amazing to see
him and his family progress in the gospel. They are amazing people.
Also they are preparing for their baptism which will be this Saturday,
on the 4th of July. That will be an amazing day!!
   I Love being a part of the Lord's work. It is such a blessing to me
in my life to be able to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ can and
does change lives!
This is my Joy (Alma 29:9)
Love Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello hello hello!!!

So this week has been really busy! On Wednesday we made the 4.5 hour
drive from Billings to Wright. Needless to say that was a long day,
but it was also a crazy drive. Driving down we got caught in an epic
thunder storm. Marble size Hail, Lightning, Thunder, Rain drops the
size of golf balls. It was Crazy!!! Lightning was literally striking
on all sides very close, but we made it out just fine! That was my
welcome to Wright Wyoming. Wright is awesome! My companion is Elder
Hedman. He is from South Jordan Utah and he is awesome!! This is going
to be a really fun Transfer!
There are a lot of amazing things happening here in Wright! There are
two families that we are teaching that are doing amazing!!! It is
kinda sad to say but this is my smallest area (population wise) yet it
is the area with the most people progressing towards baptism! There
truly are amazing things happening here in Wright. Also this week, two
days after I got to wright, we had a zone conference in Billings. It
was also our good bye conference for President and Sister Mecham, our
mission president and his wife. They complete their mission at the end
of this month and we will be getting a new mission president! It was
wonderful to have the opportunity to say good bye to them before they
depart! I have been extremely blessed to serve here in the Montana
Billings Mission! I love you all!!!
Elder Cameron J Kimball
 President and Sister Mecham

Zone conference

 Road to?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


  Yep it has already been another week!!! It’s so crazy how fast
everything goes by on the mission! The days are just flying by and its
crazy! It almost feels like I wake up and go right back to sleep. I
can never keep track of what day it is. It is all a blur of miracles!
  This past week we had some amazing miracles happen! On Saturday we
had no set appointments which means lots of tracting! It started out
kinda slow but didn't stay that way. After we finished with dinner we
decided to go tracting in an area that my companion had felt we should
tract in eventually. When we got to that are we started with a prayer
then set to work. Miracles came! The first half of the street was a
lot of people that were not interested. As we kept going on the other
side we were blessed to find a new investigator, but we didn't stop
there. We finished that street and felt we should start on an adjacent
street. The third door we knocked on, a guy opened it and said
"Elders, we've been expecting you!" and let us right in! We went in
and as it turns out the parents were members that have not been to
church in a really long time, and their two oldest kids have not been
baptized! It was a true blessing!!! Just in that one hour of tracting
that we did we were blessed to find a total of 3 new investigators and
2 new less active!! It truly was a miracle and our prayers for new
people to teach were indeed answered! Prayer really does work!
"Trust in the Lord" Proverbs 3:5
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 8, 2015


So this week has been pretty awesome!!  Also we got our transfer news, and what a surprise.
 I am getting transferred which means another new companion and a new area! I am headed
down to Wright Wyoming! Going south again!! Wright is right near Gillette Wyoming. It will
be loads of fun!!! I am excited to get another new companion, even though I have had a lot
of those!!
So this week has been fun! We have been really busy which is good. We taught a lot of
lessons this week and it was awesome! So one awesome thing that happened this week actually
ended up helping another area. Elder Well's and I were out tracting and we ran into these
two Hispanic ladies. We tried talking with them but as it turns out they don't speak
English. So we called the Spanish speaking sisters in the area and they had a lesson over
the phone. Now those two ladies are new investigators! It was awesome to be able to help
the Lord's work progress even if it didn't mean that we will get to teach them. It was also
cool to communicate with them on a very minimal level. I know almost no Spanish but we were
still able to have some form of a conversation. The Lord really does help his work progress!
This is my Joy (Alma 29:9 )
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello !!!!

So this week has been pretty awesome!!!! A lot of amazing things happened this week. There have been a lot of random storms as well which has been kinda crazy. It’s almost as if thunder, lightning, and rain come out of nowhere all the time, and leave just as fast as they come. But that’s just the weather here in Billings!!

So a lot happened. First on Wednesday it was a super awesome day! In the morning we had a zone training meeting which was super awesome and I learned a lot! Then Wednesday night was also amazing, we got the opportunity to attend the temple to do baptisms for the dead with Jhevon and Kacy. Jhevon was baptized the beginning of April and His wife Kacy are doing awesome. Kacy was already a member but is now active. It was incredible to be in the temple and to see them there as well. It is amazing the blessings that come as people embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. The other amazing thing that happened this week was on Saturday! One of our investigators D'Vonte was Baptized!!! It was awesome I had the privilege of actually performing the baptism and that was a super awesome experience!! This week has been super busy and super awesome!!! It is amazing to actually see some of the fruits of our labors. I am loving every moment of the mission! It is wonderful!!!

This is my JOY -Alma 29:9
Elder Cameron J Kimball

After baptism photo with ELder Wells( far left) and DJ (he is 14.....)

Elder Wells and me at the Temple.....we were not able to get a picture with Jhevon and Kacy because they left before we got out but it was still awesome!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello Hello!

So this week was pretty awesome! It has been a little cold all week but
other than that it has been nice! This week was full of just lots of
little miracles! We had numerous people just kinda appear out of nowhere. All people that just have not been to the church in years! But they are
starting to make progress towards coming back!

Yesterday we had the neat opportunity to participate in giving the
priesthood to one of our recent converts! It was a wonderful blessing to
have seen him progress in the gospel since before he was baptized to now. The gospel really does bless our lives! I love seeing how much this gospel
can bless our lives! I know it’s true. I have begun to understand more and
more the importance of The Book of Mormon in everyone’s life. The Book of Mormon is true and it truly testifies of Jesus Christ. I love this work!

This is my Joy Alma 29:9
Love Elder Cameron J Kimball

Friday, May 1, 2015


SO this week was pretty Awesome!! And to end it all I will be getting a brand new companion! We got our transfer calls and I will be staying here in billings and I will be training a new missionary! I am excited and a little nervous at the same time! This will be my first time training a new missionary so it will be lots of fun! My companion Elder Archie will be transferred out near Missoula!  That means I will get another new companion! That will make it one new companion for every month of my mission!!
So this week was awesome! We were able to find a few solid people to teach! On Wednesday we had dinner with a family in one of our wards. They had one of their friends over and now he is a new investigator! It was an awesome experience! It has been amazing to find those individuals who are ready and prepared. The guy that was at dinner has truly been prepared and has been around the Church without even knowing it sometimes. He is ready for the gospel and ready to learn. I have learned a lot so far on my mission and I have plenty more to learn. I am overjoyed that I have been given the opportunity to serve a mission and to be a part of the Lords work. I love it here and the people here are amazing!!

Love Elder Cameron Kimball

Hello Hello Hello!!!!

So this week was awesome!! We had a lot of awesome experiences! The weather was wonderful nice and sunny so that has been wonderful!
This week was full of all sorts of miracles on Thursday our zone leaders gave us new person to teach that I had found with them a few weeks ago when I spent an afternoon with them! It was nice roust have a new person to teach! Also on Saturday we had a baptism!! Our investigator Jhevon and his two kids were baptized!!! It was an amazing experience! A lot of people were in attendance and the spirit was extremely strong! It has been amazing to watch as they have made positive changes in their lives for the better!! It has been wonderful!! This gospel that I am out here sharing with people really is the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love it!

Monday, March 30, 2015


This week was awesome!!! It all went by so quickly but it was fun. On Wednesday we woke
up to a nice blanket of snow over everything, but by the afternoon it was completely gone!
Crazy weather up here. This week also brought some very unique experiences! Included is
a picture of a doormat we came across while tracting.
This week Elder Cravens and I got the opportunity to be witnesses at a wedding! One of our
investigators, Jhevon, got married so that he will be able to get baptized in a few weeks! It
was awesome! They are an awesome Family and have really just embraced the Gospel! It was
even cool because they were planning on getting married in September but decided to get
married now and just have the celebration in September so that He could get baptized! I
know that this gospel really does bless families! They have come so far just since we
have started working with them. It is amazing to see how the positive changes they are
making are affecting their lives for the better! I know that what we are teaching as
missionaries is truly the Gospel.

picture of a doormat we came across while tracting.

of Jesus Christ. I love it and I love to share it, because I know it's true. I love you all!
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Everybody!!!

   So this week was Awesome!! The past few days it was sunny, in the 50's and a slight breeze. Perfect weather to be out and walking around! It is wonderful to think that spring will be here in just a few weeks! Also there is no more snow in Miles City which is awesome!! This week had some more traveling! This time we drove all the way out to Bozeman for an all mission conference! It was Incredible!
 The All mission Conference was all about Digital devices! Our mission is a testing mission for a renew, reset, and repent for the devices that we are using. It is an incredible opportunity to be a part of this testing that will change how many missions proselyte. The conference that we had was amazing. I learned so much. Elder Zwick of the 70 came and spoke to our mission at the conference. He talked about a lot of things and the spirit was very strong throughout the entire meeting. I received a lot of insight during the meeting. A few points really stood out to me. One was the question "How is your heart?" a simple question with deep meaning. Our hearts are the source of our true desires and we will more often than not follow our heart. So to all of you reading this "How is your Heart?" Another thing that I learned was to Simplify and Intensify in all that I do especially in teaching. As I have implemented that over the past few days I have been able to feel the spirit more fully during lessons. I know without a doubt that this is the work of God. I love the opportunity I have been privileged with to serve a mission. It truly has been thus far an incredible experience! I love you all.

This is My Joy (Alma 29:9)

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello everybody!!!!

    The cold has not left but the snow is gone other than the occasional flurries. The roads are clear and so are the skies and all seems to be going well. This past week we did a lot of driving! from Tuesday to Saturday my companion and I drove almost 1000 miles. It was very long! we had a meeting in Billings ( 300 miles round trip) then I went on an exchange out in Sidney (250 miles round trip) than after we got back we went back out to Sidney for a baptism that they had ( another 250 miles round trip) so that combined with driving around in our area was a lot! But all the driving has given me lots of time to think and ponder on my purpose as a missionary and how it has played a role in my life to this point.
    I know that I am out on a mission for a reason. I have had the opportunity to witness many people come closer to their Savior. It has blessed me in countless ways and helped me strengthen my own testimony of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This past week we had some amazing lessons amidst all of our driving. Last night we had a lesson with one of our progressing investigators. She is preparing for her baptism in the next few weeks and is super excited. I love having the opportunity to witness how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives. It has changed my life for the better and I have seen it change the lives of those I have been privileged to meet. The blessings that come from living the gospel of Jesus Christ are immeasurable and incredible. I love serving a mission. The work of God is great and I am blessed to be a part of that work. I love you!! Thank you for all your support!!

This is My Joy ( Alma 29:9 )

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello Everybody!!!

   So this week has been pretty awesome!! It only snowed a little bit but it has been cold and the wind does not help at all. Also this week there was a Mid-Transfer adjustment that happened so I have another new companion, Elder Christopherson. My previous companion, Elder Wright, was transferred to Glendive which is still in the same district. Elder Christopherson came out two transfers before me so this will be lots of fun. Sometimes it is hard to have companions change but I know that it is what is best for everyone that it affects. A lot has happened this week and a lot will be happening in the next few weeks.
   This past week was awesome! Just last night we had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators who is working towards baptism. It was awesome. The spirit was super strong and was defiantly felt by all those who were present. I love having the opportunity to help others come unto Christ, it truly has strengthened my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the importance of the work I am out here to do. Sometimes it is tough out here and I seem to be tired all the time but I always seem to have enough energy to accomplish what the Lord needs me to. I know that He is directing this work and is preparing us and those we come in contact with to hear the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Being out here on a mission has truly blessed my life. I love being out here and assisting in the Lord’s work.

This is My Joy ( Alma 29:9 )

Elder Cameron J. Kimball

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


   So this week has been pretty nice and sunny, sometimes a little overcast but not too bad. But this morning we woke up to a little bit of snow which melted off really quickly so it was all good. Also we spent the past few days visiting a Branch out in Jordan Montana, which is about 80 miles north of Miles City. There are not very many people there at all so we did not spend much time out there. It was a neat experience to attend a church in a branch of about 30 people. It was also cool because literally everyone in the branch was related or will be soon. It is crazy how small some of the congregations are. Also when we were up in Jordan we got to help one family with the morning feeding of the cows. It was awesome!!!
   So this whole week has been awesome! On Thursday we met with a couple that we had found tracting on Sunday. They are awesome. We had given them a pamphlet and they had read the entire pamphlet and wrote down questions that they had. It was awesome!!! The lesson didn't go quite as planned but it went how it needed to. We spent most of the lesson answering their questions and testifying about what we know to be true. It was really powerful!! Also while we were out in Jordan we had an amazing lesson with a Less Active Member! He struggles with some things in his life and it was awesome to see his desire to become better and overcome his trials. There have been a lot of amazing miracles that are happening here in this area! I love the work here and I know that the Book of Mormon is really true and that it is indeed the word of God.

This is My Joy (Alma 29:9)

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello All!!! Feb 2

   So it snowed again, only an inch this time so it wasn't too bad. It actually felt like winter again which almost seemed unusual. It has been such nice weather up here I almost think that the California weather is chasing out the normal Montana weather. Yesterday we got our transfer news and Elder Sanders and I are both staying here in Laurel for another six weeks. Time is flying by so quickly it is crazy. We feel like we wake up and go right back to sleep. Our days have been going by so quickly! One minute its noon and the next its 5 pm, than right after dinner it feels like it already time to go in for the night. It is all just going so fast!
    This past week has been really awesome! Now that we have been in this area for almost 7 weeks we are starting to see the results of our work. On Sunday one of the less active members we have been working with came to church! It was awesome! She has not been to church in over 5 years and until recently did not want to come back, but as we have been meeting with her she has begun to have a desire and finally made it to church. It truly was a miracle. It really showed me that blessings will come as we continue to try our best to do the Lord’s work. Faith always proceeds the miracle and I have seen that this week as we have begun to recognize more and more miracles. I love being out here and being a part of this work. It truly has blessed my life in many ways I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that is the message we share with those we come in contact with!

This is My Joy Alma 29:9

Elder Cameron J Kimball 

Pictures of the sunset from the other was Beautiful
and picture of the view

Hello all!!! Jan 26

    So this week has been awesome!  The temperature actually got up to 60 this week it was super nice! The roads are mostly dry and snow free! We have actually been able to walk around without our heavy coats, which is really nice! So with the good weather we have been able to talk with more people because more people are out and about. This week we have seen a lot of awesome miracles and have been able to meet a lot nice people which is always nice.
    On Sunday one of the less active members we have been working with came again. She has started coming on a regular basis and is now considered an active member in the ward again. It has been awesome to see her progress and renew the covenants she made when she was baptized. One amazing thing that happened this week was one of our investigators finally was able to come to church. It was awesome. He seemed to really enjoy it and as it turned out he had also brought his wife, who is a member that has not been to church in a while, with him.  It truly has been amazing to see and find more people that are ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Another cool experience happened on Sunday afternoon. We were out driving in the outskirts of town and got to a point where we had to go up a hill that was all slush and ice. Our car made it up the first part but started to loose traction. I began to pray that we would make it. Our tires than started to get traction and we made it up the hill without much trouble. I know that it was a direct answer to our prayers. We had to get up the hill to get to our next appointment and our prayers were answered. Heavenly Father is always willing to help us with our trials. Sometimes we just need to make an effort and ask him. I know that prayer really is a way to communicate with our Heavenly Father. He does listen to our prayers and he always answers them, however he answers in the way that he knows will be best and also in his own timing. 

"Trust in the Lord with all thine Heart"    Proverbs 3:5
I love you all

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pics from Christmas in Laurel

I just wanted to send a few pictures from Christmas Eve.  We had the Elders over and played games and then we read in Luke and heard a sweet message from your sons.  It's so nice to have them in Laurel.

Kristie A. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Warming up?

Hello Again to all!!!
    So the past few days have been almost in the 50's it was awesome, except it meant the snow all turned to slush. I would much rather have snow than slush any day, but it has been an adventure! With the Warm weather people are out and about more so we are not able to find people at home during the day as much, but we just keep on keeping on. Thankfully Elder Sanders and I have survived the cold long enough to make it to the somewhat warmer weather, until the next cold spell comes.
     This week has been awesome, but also really tough. A lot of the people we have been meeting have been getting sick so we have had a lot of appointments fall through but we have still found people to share the fullness of the Gospel with. One of the coolest Miracles that happened this week was all because of a small local Pizza place that serves delicious pizza! We have been to the pizza place a few times and this week we got a call from a member in one of the neighboring Wards. As it turns out, one of the ladies that works at the pizza place is the daughter-in-law of a member, and she wanted to have us over for dinner!! It was a miracle! It really showed me how much just being an example can touch other people. Regardless of where we are we can always do our best to do as Christ would do. Where ever we go we can always Stand as witness of God in all that we do, and blessings will come as we try our best. I love this work and being able to see more and more blessings all the time trough helping others come unto Christ!

This is My Joy (Alma 29:9)

Love Elder Cameron J Kimball

It looked like someone started to build a fence out of icicles

We were driving down the road and this is all we saw.....Find the road...

Gas is SO Cheap here.. It is actually down to $1.94 but I didn't have the chance to get a new picture