Wednesday, June 10, 2015


  Yep it has already been another week!!! It’s so crazy how fast
everything goes by on the mission! The days are just flying by and its
crazy! It almost feels like I wake up and go right back to sleep. I
can never keep track of what day it is. It is all a blur of miracles!
  This past week we had some amazing miracles happen! On Saturday we
had no set appointments which means lots of tracting! It started out
kinda slow but didn't stay that way. After we finished with dinner we
decided to go tracting in an area that my companion had felt we should
tract in eventually. When we got to that are we started with a prayer
then set to work. Miracles came! The first half of the street was a
lot of people that were not interested. As we kept going on the other
side we were blessed to find a new investigator, but we didn't stop
there. We finished that street and felt we should start on an adjacent
street. The third door we knocked on, a guy opened it and said
"Elders, we've been expecting you!" and let us right in! We went in
and as it turns out the parents were members that have not been to
church in a really long time, and their two oldest kids have not been
baptized! It was a true blessing!!! Just in that one hour of tracting
that we did we were blessed to find a total of 3 new investigators and
2 new less active!! It truly was a miracle and our prayers for new
people to teach were indeed answered! Prayer really does work!
"Trust in the Lord" Proverbs 3:5
Elder Cameron J Kimball

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