Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello everybody!

      This week has been pretty awesome! it has been a little warm
but recently cooled off a lot!!! Last night we stopped and I got a
sweet picture of some lightning. It was a little stormy last night.
There are a lot of amazing things that have happened. One is that we
have been super busy!
       This week has been amazing! We had a really good planning
session a week ago and talked about how to get the work progressing in
this area. Our goal is to make this small little town a vibrant
proselyting area. It is a small town here and it seems to be a little
harder to get a lot of new investigators. There is however a tight
community bond amongst the people here. Our focus has really been
working through the members. We even started implementing some active
member lesson once or twice a week. Not too much to distract from our
investigators or less actives but just enough so it has an effect. We
are beginning to see more success in regards to how often we have
appointments. The blessings of member referrals is not coming at this
point but we are definitely being blessed in other ways. This past week
has been super busy and this next week is looking to be the same way!
I know that as we set goals and make plans for how to accomplish those
goals the Lord blesses us in so many ways! It truly is an act of faith
and diligence. I love this work and the people i am so blessed to

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Lightning pictures both taken with a 15sec shutter speed

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