Friday, August 28, 2015

Hi everybody!

SO this week was pretty unique! Weather wise it was nice and cool for
most of the week. I spent most of the first half of the week in
Gillette on an exchange so I was not in my own area at all but it was
lots of fun! I got to help out another set of elders and learn a lot
from them as well.
  On Thursday we had a big day. We woke up super early and drove the 4
hours to Billings for a meeting. The meeting was with Elder Martino of
the Seventy. He came to our mission for a mission tour. It was a
really awesome meeting and I learned so much! They raised the mission
goals which will make the mission as a whole stretch to achieve those
goals. It was an amazing opportunity to meet a member of the seventy
and to learn from him. We have been starting to try and apply what we
learned and it seems to be somewhat making a difference. One of the
most noticeable differences is how many referrals that we get from
members. At dinners we have changed the way we ask people who they
know that we can visit. We have already seen more names of people that
we can visit that would be more receptive. It was a wonderful week.
Slow but still good things happening. I love being a missionary.
Elder Cameron J Kimball
some members took us spider
hunting...This one was about the size of my palm...maybe a little is a wolf times...

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