Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello everybody!!

So this week was kinda slow but there were a lot of amazing things
that happened! Here in Wright it is hard to have a lot to do all the
time. There are only 1800 people in the entire town and apparently
2800 people total if you include all the people in a 30 mile radius
from wright. But it is an awesome little town and there is some really
amazing things happening.
The most amazing thing that happened this week was on Thursday. We
have a family here that is working towards baptism but they were
really struggling with the word of wisdom. The father has been chewing
tobacco since the time he was 15 and the mother has an alcohol
problem. They were having a really hard time quitting. On Thursday
they had us come over to give them blessings so they could quit their
bad habits. We talked with them for a little bit then gave them both
blessings for strength to overcome. After we finished the dumped out
all their coffee, tea, alcohol, and tobacco right then. Since then
they have not bought anymore and are doing amazing!!! They are truly
prepared and ready for this gospel. The father told us in one lesson
that throughout his life he has gone from church to church but nothing
ever felt right, and now that he is attending The Church of Jesus
Christ he feels that he has finally found what he has been searching
for all his life. His simple testimony has strengthened mine in so
many ways. I love this blessing i have been given to come and serve in
this area at this time.
Elder Cameron J Kimball 

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