Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello All!!!!

     So this week has been good. The weather has been nice and it
hasn't snowed yet which has been nice. Also I go my new companion
Elder Harper. There has been a lot of good but also some not so good
things happening with the work in this area.
        This week was really crazy with a lot happening but at the same time
kinda slow. We had to change our plans a little with the unexpected
transfer of Elder Rich. Then, to add to the craziness that always
seems to happen all at the same time, two of our investigators just up
and moved. Also everyone seemed to be busy this week as it was
difficult to schedule appointments. We have continued to work and
search for people that would be willing to let us visit with them.
There were two small miracles this week that were very similar. Both
came as a result of contacting some potential investigators. On
Thursday, after weekly planning, Elder Harper and I went to go contact
some potential investigators. The first person we tried was Karen.
Elder Rich and I had tracted into Karen a little over a week ago. At
that time she asked us to come back in a week because she was really
busy at the moment. When we came back we did not know what to expect.
To our delight she still is interested in learning. She has a strong
faith in Christ and is desirous to learn more. I know that we were
sent there for a reason. Most of our miracles this week were very
similar to that. I love working in this area and with the people here.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Coool looking car we saw in Gillette

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