Monday, October 5, 2015

Hi everybody

 So this week has been kinda cold, I guess more cool for this area. It
 has stayed in the 40's and 50's all week. Nothing too cold but a
 little prep for winter. This week was also pretty awesome because of
 General Conference! I don't think I have ever been so excited to watch
 general conference as I have been on my mission. It truly is a
 revelatory experience.
     I especially Loved Elder Quentin L Cook's talk about being
 prepared for the storms of life. I love the phrase "Ship shape and
 Bristol Fashion".  That was an answer directly to me of one of the
 questions I had prepared to take to conference. I had prepared in my
 notes the question "What does the Lord expect of me as a missionary?"
 The idea of being Ship shape and Bristol Fashion was the answer I was
 looking for. As I continue to strive to be prepared and ready for the
 challenges and trial that will come I have noticed that some things
 that used to seem difficult are now more simple and easier to bear.
 This week was a little slow yet even though it was somewhat slow it
 was amazing to see how the Lord still helps his work progress. On
 Friday Elder Nelson came on an exchange with us. During that exchange
 we stopped by the house of one of our investigators. They let us in
 and we told them about General Conference. Right then and there he
 selected it to record it so if he didn't watch it then he could watch
 it later. On Sunday night we had an appointment with them. They had not
 watched conference yet but before we left they had it on and were
 sitting and watching it. It was awesome to see as well that in just the
 first few minutes they already had something stand out to them. They
 are prepared for the gospel, their progress has been slow but it is
 amazing to see their progress still happening. I love this work and I
 love our Savior. General Conference truly is a time to receive direct
 revelation for the world from the Lord. The gospel is true. I know it
 and I love it.

 Elder Cameron J Kimball

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