Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Morning!

   This week has been pretty awesome and very hectic. The craziness started on Friday when my companion, Elder Hedman left. He has completed his mission and for some reason they send those people who are going home a few days early. Also yesterday we got our calls for the new transfer. I am staying in Wright and have the opportunity to train a brand new missionary again. I am excited to stay in Wright, I am loving this area.

    One awesome thing that happened this week was that we had a zone training meeting on Tuesday. At that meeting they had the departing testimonies of the missionaries that were going home. It was amazing to be able to feel their spirit and to see how they have become converted to the gospel. One of those missionaries was Elder Vasquez. Elder Vasquez actually served right around me when I first came out. It was incredible to see the difference from then until now. The gospel of Jesus Christ really does change lives for the better. We have been able to visit with many people and to see the gospel truly bless their lives. In my studies I have been reading the Old Testament. It is very confusing sometimes but I still have learned a lot. A couple times as it is talking about the early prophets it says that they walked with God. They were truly converted to the gospel and got to the point of having the opportunity to walk with God. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It has the power to make us who God wants us to be as we humble live the Gospel every day. I thank you all for the continued support. 

Elder Cameron J Kimball

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