Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello hello hello!!!

So this week has been really busy! On Wednesday we made the 4.5 hour
drive from Billings to Wright. Needless to say that was a long day,
but it was also a crazy drive. Driving down we got caught in an epic
thunder storm. Marble size Hail, Lightning, Thunder, Rain drops the
size of golf balls. It was Crazy!!! Lightning was literally striking
on all sides very close, but we made it out just fine! That was my
welcome to Wright Wyoming. Wright is awesome! My companion is Elder
Hedman. He is from South Jordan Utah and he is awesome!! This is going
to be a really fun Transfer!
There are a lot of amazing things happening here in Wright! There are
two families that we are teaching that are doing amazing!!! It is
kinda sad to say but this is my smallest area (population wise) yet it
is the area with the most people progressing towards baptism! There
truly are amazing things happening here in Wright. Also this week, two
days after I got to wright, we had a zone conference in Billings. It
was also our good bye conference for President and Sister Mecham, our
mission president and his wife. They complete their mission at the end
of this month and we will be getting a new mission president! It was
wonderful to have the opportunity to say good bye to them before they
depart! I have been extremely blessed to serve here in the Montana
Billings Mission! I love you all!!!
Elder Cameron J Kimball
 President and Sister Mecham

Zone conference

 Road to?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


  Yep it has already been another week!!! It’s so crazy how fast
everything goes by on the mission! The days are just flying by and its
crazy! It almost feels like I wake up and go right back to sleep. I
can never keep track of what day it is. It is all a blur of miracles!
  This past week we had some amazing miracles happen! On Saturday we
had no set appointments which means lots of tracting! It started out
kinda slow but didn't stay that way. After we finished with dinner we
decided to go tracting in an area that my companion had felt we should
tract in eventually. When we got to that are we started with a prayer
then set to work. Miracles came! The first half of the street was a
lot of people that were not interested. As we kept going on the other
side we were blessed to find a new investigator, but we didn't stop
there. We finished that street and felt we should start on an adjacent
street. The third door we knocked on, a guy opened it and said
"Elders, we've been expecting you!" and let us right in! We went in
and as it turns out the parents were members that have not been to
church in a really long time, and their two oldest kids have not been
baptized! It was a true blessing!!! Just in that one hour of tracting
that we did we were blessed to find a total of 3 new investigators and
2 new less active!! It truly was a miracle and our prayers for new
people to teach were indeed answered! Prayer really does work!
"Trust in the Lord" Proverbs 3:5
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 8, 2015


So this week has been pretty awesome!!  Also we got our transfer news, and what a surprise.
 I am getting transferred which means another new companion and a new area! I am headed
down to Wright Wyoming! Going south again!! Wright is right near Gillette Wyoming. It will
be loads of fun!!! I am excited to get another new companion, even though I have had a lot
of those!!
So this week has been fun! We have been really busy which is good. We taught a lot of
lessons this week and it was awesome! So one awesome thing that happened this week actually
ended up helping another area. Elder Well's and I were out tracting and we ran into these
two Hispanic ladies. We tried talking with them but as it turns out they don't speak
English. So we called the Spanish speaking sisters in the area and they had a lesson over
the phone. Now those two ladies are new investigators! It was awesome to be able to help
the Lord's work progress even if it didn't mean that we will get to teach them. It was also
cool to communicate with them on a very minimal level. I know almost no Spanish but we were
still able to have some form of a conversation. The Lord really does help his work progress!
This is my Joy (Alma 29:9 )
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello !!!!

So this week has been pretty awesome!!!! A lot of amazing things happened this week. There have been a lot of random storms as well which has been kinda crazy. It’s almost as if thunder, lightning, and rain come out of nowhere all the time, and leave just as fast as they come. But that’s just the weather here in Billings!!

So a lot happened. First on Wednesday it was a super awesome day! In the morning we had a zone training meeting which was super awesome and I learned a lot! Then Wednesday night was also amazing, we got the opportunity to attend the temple to do baptisms for the dead with Jhevon and Kacy. Jhevon was baptized the beginning of April and His wife Kacy are doing awesome. Kacy was already a member but is now active. It was incredible to be in the temple and to see them there as well. It is amazing the blessings that come as people embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. The other amazing thing that happened this week was on Saturday! One of our investigators D'Vonte was Baptized!!! It was awesome I had the privilege of actually performing the baptism and that was a super awesome experience!! This week has been super busy and super awesome!!! It is amazing to actually see some of the fruits of our labors. I am loving every moment of the mission! It is wonderful!!!

This is my JOY -Alma 29:9
Elder Cameron J Kimball

After baptism photo with ELder Wells( far left) and DJ (he is 14.....)

Elder Wells and me at the Temple.....we were not able to get a picture with Jhevon and Kacy because they left before we got out but it was still awesome!!!