Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello All!!! Feb 2

   So it snowed again, only an inch this time so it wasn't too bad. It actually felt like winter again which almost seemed unusual. It has been such nice weather up here I almost think that the California weather is chasing out the normal Montana weather. Yesterday we got our transfer news and Elder Sanders and I are both staying here in Laurel for another six weeks. Time is flying by so quickly it is crazy. We feel like we wake up and go right back to sleep. Our days have been going by so quickly! One minute its noon and the next its 5 pm, than right after dinner it feels like it already time to go in for the night. It is all just going so fast!
    This past week has been really awesome! Now that we have been in this area for almost 7 weeks we are starting to see the results of our work. On Sunday one of the less active members we have been working with came to church! It was awesome! She has not been to church in over 5 years and until recently did not want to come back, but as we have been meeting with her she has begun to have a desire and finally made it to church. It truly was a miracle. It really showed me that blessings will come as we continue to try our best to do the Lord’s work. Faith always proceeds the miracle and I have seen that this week as we have begun to recognize more and more miracles. I love being out here and being a part of this work. It truly has blessed my life in many ways I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that is the message we share with those we come in contact with!

This is My Joy Alma 29:9

Elder Cameron J Kimball 

Pictures of the sunset from the other was Beautiful
and picture of the view

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