Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello everybody!

Well transfers have struck again and chose me. I am going from the
wonderful small town of Wright to the equally small town of Roundup,
Montana. My new companion will be one Elder Gutierrez. Many more
adventures to come! I was somewhat saddened when I found out I was
getting transferred but excited for the new experiences that lay ahead.
I have really grown to love this area and the members here. I will
really miss them and their wonderful spirit. I have learned much in
this area in the six months that I have been here. One of the best
things I learned was how to effectively use my time when there is
absolutely nothing to do. I also learned how to work better with
members and the ward council. I hope that I will be able to carry
those lessons on to my future areas effectively. I am truly grateful
for the opportunity I have had to serve here in Wright, Wyoming. I hope
that I will be able to be a blessing to those in the Roundup area.
This past week has been pretty awesome! I spent a day in Gillette for an
exchange which was fun. There have been a lot of good things happening
in our area recently. It has all been happening slowly but it is still
awesome! I have loved Wright and I am excited for Roundup.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Picture for the week

It snowed  :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello all!

 So this week we actually got some snow! It was pretty awesome. Just a
little and it was mostly gone by the morning but it still snowed. So
that means winter is coming. So it is time to prepare for more cold! I
think I'm ready.
    So this week was pretty awesome! One big miracle from this week
happened on Sunday. We had set a goal to have two investigators at
sacrament meeting. We worked all week to encourage our investigators
to come to sacrament meeting. On Sunday morning the only people we
were expecting got called in to work so they couldn't come. The
miracle came when three of our other investigators were able to show
up out of the blue. It was an awesome miracle! We had given our all
and the Lord provided blessings. We had no control other than to
invite and wait and see. I have truly grown to recognize more and more
the small little miracles in my life. I am loving this work and all
the blessings that I witness daily.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Sunset Wyoming style
First morning snow

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hi Everybody

This week has been getting a little chilly, and the wind has been
picking up as well which just adds wind chill and cold. We actually
woke up one morning and when we looked outside there was a nice frost
layer on the cars. Also lately we have been seeing a lot of buffalo on
our drives to Gillette and back. So that has been the random stuff
from this week.
    Other than that this week has been awesome! We have been spending
much of our time contacting and we are starting to sift the wheat from
the tares. We have been able to finally get a hold of some less
actives that we haven't found until now and as well sift out those
investigators that are not really interested at all. One miracle this
week was our lesson with Christy. She has been meeting with
missionaries for a while. Due to some personal things she has not been
able to get baptized but should be able to be at the beginning of the
year. We had a really good lesson with her and were able to discover
what really has been holding her back in her progression. It was
awesome to recognize how closely the spirit was directing the
discussion. I love to see the spirit touch the lives of people and to
see their willingness to follow God and the path that he provides for
them. I love this work and the opportunity have to be a part of it.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hello All!!!!

     So this week has been good. The weather has been nice and it
hasn't snowed yet which has been nice. Also I go my new companion
Elder Harper. There has been a lot of good but also some not so good
things happening with the work in this area.
        This week was really crazy with a lot happening but at the same time
kinda slow. We had to change our plans a little with the unexpected
transfer of Elder Rich. Then, to add to the craziness that always
seems to happen all at the same time, two of our investigators just up
and moved. Also everyone seemed to be busy this week as it was
difficult to schedule appointments. We have continued to work and
search for people that would be willing to let us visit with them.
There were two small miracles this week that were very similar. Both
came as a result of contacting some potential investigators. On
Thursday, after weekly planning, Elder Harper and I went to go contact
some potential investigators. The first person we tried was Karen.
Elder Rich and I had tracted into Karen a little over a week ago. At
that time she asked us to come back in a week because she was really
busy at the moment. When we came back we did not know what to expect.
To our delight she still is interested in learning. She has a strong
faith in Christ and is desirous to learn more. I know that we were
sent there for a reason. Most of our miracles this week were very
similar to that. I love working in this area and with the people here.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Coool looking car we saw in Gillette