Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello again!!!

  Well This week was pretty awesome and somewhat uneventful. One of
the Assistants in our mission came on an exchange with us just for a
day which was really awesome! They have been making rounds around the
mission and going with every companionship. It was a great learning
opportunity for me and I learned a lot!

Another amazing thing that happened this week happened in fact just
yesterday! The Father of the family that got baptized last week was
ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. I had the opportunity to
participate in that experience. It was amazing. I have truly been
blessed to see so many people learn and progress more in the gospel
and come closer to Christ. Also Yesterday was my companions last
Sunday in the mission field as he is completing his mission this
Saturday. This small little town continually surprises me with all the
amazing things that are  happening here, and all the wonderful people
that I am blessed to come in contact with. I am loving every moment
out here and it continues to be an amazing experience. I love this
gospel and I love sharing it!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

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