Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I love you!!!

Hello All
    So I had this Dream of a White Christmas, and then I realized I wasn't dreaming. So this week was pretty awesome! It was nice and warm in the High 30's until Christmas. Then the temperature dropped and didn't stop going down. Now its 1 degree and supposed to get colder tomorrow. It has also snowed a lot the past few days so there is about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground right now. The roads are also rather slick which makes driving fun. Thankfully I am not the driver otherwise we might need a new car. However the car we have here in Laurel is a small front Wheel Drive Corolla which just adds to the fun and sliding.
    This week has been just full of miracles! The Christmas season is a wonderful time to talk about Christ! Everyone seems to be more open to talking about our Savior and what he did for each of us. This we were blessed to find many people to talk to and share the Gift of Jesus Christ. One amazing Miracle This week happened on Tuesday. Tuesday started out seemingly like a long day. Almost all of our appointments cancelled, and when people cancel we try to find more people to teach. So that's what we did, and we were indeed blessed! Despite the fact that we ended our day with only one set appointments we were blessed to find 5 other people we could teach right then and there! So our 5 set appointments turned into 1 set appointment and 5 impromptu appointments. With those impromptu visits we were blessed with a new investigator and 2 more potentials! IT was amazing! Heavenly Father had His own plan for our day and that was what happened! He needed us to meet some new people and be in certain places at certain times. So almost all of our appointments cancelled and we were able to be in the right place at the right time! In Proverbs 3:5 it Says "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." The Lord truly directed our paths on that awesome day. I love this work and I love the amazing miracles that happen all the time!

This is My Joy Alma 29:9

Elder Cameron Joseph Kimball

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Laurel Montana!!!!

     Laurel is a wonderful little town built in the shadow of a massive oil refinery and full of potential! The weather here is not too bad yet either, although this morning it snowed a little bit. The snowflakes here are really BIG!!! I am now serving with Elder Sanders, he is from Missouri and is actually younger than me but he has been out a little bit longer. We are living in an apartment which is nice. It’s not very big but it gets the job done and is easy to clean. I am beginning to Love Laurel.
      Laurel has defiantly been a new experience. Thankfully the members here in Laurel are wonderful and extremely helpful. Already this week we have seen many miracles even through the difficulty of a completely new area. We were not left with very much information so we have just started at square one which means Finding. As we have been finding people to talk to we already have been seeing some success. On Sunday night we found ourselves with a short 20 minute window before an appointment so we decided to tract the 8 houses just south of the church building. The 5th house we knocked on was a nice lady that actually let us in! She brought her whole family in and we were able to share with them the Christmas Video called He is the Gift! After that we started talking about the Book of Mormon and she got really excited! As it turned out she is part Native American and has been wondering if Christ ever came to the Native Americans! She was so happy to find out that Christ had indeed visited the Native Americans and that there is a record of that! It was truly amazing to see the simple miracles such as that one, especially this Christmas season!! Merry Christmas to all, and remember that Jesus Christ was the First gift of Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Elder Cameron Joseph Kimball

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transfer Calls!!!

     So this Christmas I get the gift of transferring to  Laurel Montana! I will miss Cody but there are adventures waiting in Laurel!!! So this week was beautiful weather. It was 50 almost all week. Then on Saturday night it started to rain which turned into snow once it got cold enough. It snowed all though the night and all though Sunday and finally stopped this morning! So now we have about 3-5 inches of snow everywhere! What a great end to the week!!!!!!!!
     This whole week has been a great end to my time here in Cody! On Saturday we had the opportunity to help a family paint their house. When we first met them they did not want to hear our message at all but took us up on our offer for service. After we finished the painting they had for us they started asking questions and we were able to have a really good discussion. Before we left they invited us to come back and talk with them more! It was amazing! Through that experience I was able to see how hearts can be softened through service. It has really helped strengthen my testimony of service and how it can have an impact on missionary work. In the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 2:17 it teaches us that "when we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God" and as we serve Him, He will give us more opportunities to serve Him! It is truly amazing to see the blessings that can come through serving others! I love being able to serve others in so many ways! I know that through service doors can and will be opened! I know that we all can feel of the love our Heavenly Father has for us especially when we serve others!

This is my JOY Alma 29:9

Love Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


     For now that is! This week was awesome! The weather has been in the 40's all week, it’s almost too hot!!! However the one drawback of warm weather after the snow is mud! There is Mud Everywhere! Thankfully it is really dry here so the mud does not stay for very long! 
    This week was really busy! I am currently in a trio with Elder Horsley and Elder Gillespie and we are covering both areas. Elder Gillespie's companion got mid-transferred and there will not be a replacement until next week. Covering both areas means we now have double the work! It has been so busy at times that we have had to go on splits with members. It was during one of these splits that I had a really awesome experience. On Saturday we had so many lessons to teach at one point we were actually double booked! Elder Horsley and Elder Gillespie went to go teach one lesson and I went with our ward mission leader to go teach the other lesson. That morning I was kind of uneasy, it would be my first time teaching without another missionary there. That morning I decided to pray for help during the lesson so it could go smoothly and without any trouble. That prayer was definitely answered! The whole time we were there it just seemed to transition perfectly and the Spirit was, without a doubt in my mind, there testifying through the words we spoke! It was an amazing experience. All of us in the room felt the spirit. It truly was one of the most awesome lessons I have ever been in. It really helped to strengthen my testimony of prayer and how our Heavenly Father really does want to help us and if we are doing what we are supposed to he will help us in the times we need it most! I know that the Book of Mormon is indeed the word of God.
Thank you all for the support you give me. I really can feel it helping. I love you all!!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Artistic picture of my reading the Book of Mormon.....it had a purpose
Wyoming North Zone (My Zone)

sign for the City of Emblem it’s about 40 miles from Cody...and has a population of 10

Some Awesome Clouds

Me and Elder Remington!!!! Found Each other at Christmas Zone Conference

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello everybody!

So this week was crazy! On Monday and Tuesday it snowed. Then on Thursday through Friday it was around 50-60 degrees. Then on Saturday it dropped from 50 to -5, and began to snow again! So Sunday morning we woke up to about 6 inches of snow! It was awesome! Also when we got home Saturday night we realized that we had left one of the windows slightly open so our cabin was cold and there was snow inside! However our kottage is now warm and not snowing inside anymore!
This was a super crazy awesome week! Thanksgiving this week was a very long day! We spent almost all of Thanksgiving Day eating! We had two full thanksgiving dinners and another Dessert, not to mention the leftovers that we got as well. Turkey sandwiches for days! It was really nice to eat thanksgiving dinner with a family.
So this week was full of all kinds of miracles! One of the first miracles happened on Monday night. We were out contacting someone that lived in an apartment building. We knocked on their door and no one was home, but just before we left we had the thought to try the door behind us. The lady that opened the door saw who we were and let us right in! As it turned out she has been wanting to read the Book of Mormon for a while but had not had the time to go get one yet! It was awesome! Another awesome experience happened on Tuesday night. One of our lessons cancelled on us so we turned to our backup plan. As we started to drive over to where our backup plan was we both had the thought to turn around and knock on the door next the people that had cancelled. When we did they let us in. It was awesome!
Another Amazing thing is the initiative that the Church has started called HE is the Gift! It is about how Christ is the gift of Christmas. I love this Christmas season! I love the snow even when it blows into our house and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

 Snow inside the kottage


This week went by so very fast yet at the same time it felt like such a long time! It has been Awesome!! The weather here is beginning to warm up. If there was no wind than it would be the wonderful temperature of about 40! The snow has melted for the most part which just leaves the ice. Ice is not easy to walk on, especially in dress shoes! I have only fallen twice, but both times were when it was night so at least I had the cover of night.
This week has had some amazing happenings! On Wednesday Elder Horsley and I were able to finally contact a guy who was going to be baptized about a year ago but wasn't. After all this time we finally caught him home. It was Amazing! He let us in and we had a wonderful discussion! The spirit was so strong it was incredible! Throughout the lesson it was amazing to have scriptures pop into my head that were exactly the scripture needed at that moment! I love having the opportunity to talk with people and share with them how they can build on the truth that they already know so that they can come closer to Christ!
Also this week we got the chance to participate in a Mission Leadership Council. Normally it is only for the zone leaders throughout the mission but this month they decided to include everyone! It really was a neat experience to see how those councils are run! Our Mission President, President Mecham, felt like all missionaries should be part of the council so that all of us will be better trained for a leadership responsibility at some point during their mission! I love the opportunity I have been given to serve a mission! It has already been a blessing in my life and my testimony has grown stronger than ever before! I love this gospel and I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I Love you all, Thank you for your support!


Elder Cameron J Kimball