Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hi y'all

 This week has been great! It has been really rainy lately but it all
has been good.   I got my new companion this week. Elder Munroe is
awesome. He is from Gilbert Arizona. Good things are happening

One awesome miracle from this week happened on Sunday. There is a less
active family that we have been working with these past few weeks.
They have not been to church in a very long time. Then this Sunday they
showed up! It was awesome to see blessings coming from our efforts. It
is amazing to see how the Lord touches people at the moment they need
it most. I love you all!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Well Hi

   So this week has been good. Transfer calls have struck again.
Elder Johnson is leaving and my new companion will be Elder Munroe.
All is going well. It has been a bit crazy with transfers happening this
next week. The weather has wonderful so it all has been great.

  This past week has been slow teaching wise but it still has been
awesome. Despite not having very many lesson we were blessed with many
service opportunities. One awesome miracle happened on Wednesday
evening. We got out of dinner around 6 and had another appointment for
around 6:30 ish. Despite the fact that we knew we would be about 15
min late we felt we should walk to the appointment. We arrived and the
people we were meeting with had forgotten about the appointment but
still let us in so we were able to have a great lesson with them. Then
on our walk to the next place we had to go to, it just so happened that we
passed a part member families house. They were outside and called us
over. They were actually going to call us to help them with their
lawn. It was awesome to be at the right place at the right time. The
Lord knew that if we walked we would be in the right place at the
right time. The Lord really does move in mysterious ways. Thank you
all for your support.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Well another week gone by!
  It's crazy that another week has gone by already. It feels like I
emailed just yesterday! It was awesome to Skype home for Mother's Day
yesterday. The weather has been hot lately but today it decided to
rain on us.

 There have been some cool miracles this week. First off we have been
doing a lot of biking and walking this week. It has been nice to be
able to be out on the streets and be able to talk to the people that
are walking around. This week has been good. We were blessed to get
several members at lessons that we had. It was awesome to be able to
work with members and to feel the strength of their testimonies.
Sometimes, in missionary work, it seems almost like a waiting time but
it is amazing to see that as we patiently wait upon the Lord, blessings
come. Always in His timing but nevertheless the come, and it is
awesome! I love seeing so many miracles all the time.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

We were at a members house and their parrot was friendly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Well hi

So another week has gone by yet again. This all just seems kind of
déjà vu sometimes but here we are again. All is going well up here. It
has been rainy which haven't been too bad but now it's sunny which is
all the better.

Well more miracles have been happening on a daily basis. One cool
miracle from this week happened on Saturday. We had a lesson with a
less active named Heather. Heather has not been to church in a long
time but has recently started to let us come over. One of her big
concerns is a family member who is gay. For the lesson we had tried to
find someone to come with us as Heather's husband would not be home.
On Friday night, the night before the lesson we stopped at a potluck
that our Ward was having. While we were there we were able to find a
member to come with us to visit with Heather. During the lesson on
Saturday Heather again brought up her concern about her family member.
As it turned out the member we brought also has a family member that
is gay. He was the perfect member to bring. He was able to relate from
his personal experience and it really helped to hopefully resolve her
concern. It was awesome to see how the Lord knows each of our
experiences and will put those in our path that have been through
those experiences and can help us. The Lord really does move in
mysterious way. I love being able to see those miracles happening all

I love you all
Elder Cameron J Kimball