Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hi Everybody

This week has been getting a little chilly, and the wind has been
picking up as well which just adds wind chill and cold. We actually
woke up one morning and when we looked outside there was a nice frost
layer on the cars. Also lately we have been seeing a lot of buffalo on
our drives to Gillette and back. So that has been the random stuff
from this week.
    Other than that this week has been awesome! We have been spending
much of our time contacting and we are starting to sift the wheat from
the tares. We have been able to finally get a hold of some less
actives that we haven't found until now and as well sift out those
investigators that are not really interested at all. One miracle this
week was our lesson with Christy. She has been meeting with
missionaries for a while. Due to some personal things she has not been
able to get baptized but should be able to be at the beginning of the
year. We had a really good lesson with her and were able to discover
what really has been holding her back in her progression. It was
awesome to recognize how closely the spirit was directing the
discussion. I love to see the spirit touch the lives of people and to
see their willingness to follow God and the path that he provides for
them. I love this work and the opportunity have to be a part of it.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

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