Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hi y'all!

This week was crazy and awesome! On Tuesday we mowed our lawn, that's
is part of the contract for our apartment we mow every other time.
Than on Friday it snowed so we shoveled snow! It was crazy. Also this
week I spent a day on an exchange in one of the other areas. I got to
go with Elder Christopherson, one of my previous companions. I had
served with him over a year ago back in Miles City. It was awesome.
Amazing things happened during that exchange.

 This week there were several miracles that happened. One amazing
miracle happened on Friday. Friday morning we had a zone training
meeting which was awesome. Then Elder Johnson and I had an appointment
with Allie at 1 pm. When we had set up the appointment Elder Johnson
had the impression that we needed to make sure that we were on time to
the lesson, so that is what we did. We knocked on her door at,
surprisingly to us, exactly 1pm. As it turned out she was on her way
out but decided to let us in anyway. Our plan was to teach the
restoration but things rarely seem to go as planned. The lesson was
nothing close to normal. We were able to share the lesson but not in
the way we were expecting. The spirit was so powerful during that
lesson. It also was one of the best lessons I have been a part of. It
was an amazing experience to recognize and know that that lesson did
not come from me. The Lord was truly directing every word that we
said. This truly is the Lords work and He knows exactly what needs to
be said. I love this opportunity I have to serve a mission and be so
closely involved in this work.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hi everyone

  Well another week has gone by. It has been rainy this past week
which is not too bad. There have been a lot of good things happening
and so we have been staying busy despite the rain.  I actually have
been enjoying the rain.

There have been some sweet miracles happening this past week. One
awesome miracle this week happened in the home of one of our less
actives, Creighton. We have been working with Creighton and had a
lesson on Wednesday night. When we got there his girlfriend, who is an
active member was there. It was sweet! Than to our surprise
Creighton's younger brother, who is also less active showed up with
his friend Nick, a nonmember! It was awesome! We were able to teach
the Restoration and give nick a copy of The Book of Mormon. It was an
awesome lesson. We have been trying very hard to get some member
present lessons and then we were blessed with one that seemingly just
fell in our lap. It was an awesome miracle. It was awesome as well to
see Creighton kind of going back into his missionary experience and
see a little of that fire begin to grow. There really are miracles all
the time as we serve the Lord. It is such a blessing to be so closely
a part of the Lords work and know that this is His Gospel.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Handicap parking spots at one of the apartments in our area! I thought
they were awesome!