Monday, December 7, 2015

Hi every one!

     So this week has been pretty nice. It has been in the 40's all
week so it's been warm. There is snow expected for later this week so
that will be fun! Other than that all is going well weather wise!
   This week we had some cool miracles. One was one Tuesday evening.
We had selected a few less-actives that we wanted to find. One was a
guy by the name of Virgil. We went out to Virgil's house. His address
ended up being a nail salon. We were going to just leave but we
decided to try calling. As it turns out it was his wife's nail salon
and their house was just across the street. As we were on the phone
Virgil came outside his house and waved us over. We then had a really
good visit and have an appointment to go back tomorrow! He seemed
really excited to have us come by. It was an amazing little miracle to
meet someone who is so willing and desirous to meet with us. I love
seeing all the little miracles and the many blessings all the time. I
know this is the Lord's work that am blessed to be a part of. I love
you all!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

We saw a Llama :)

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