Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello Every Body!!

   SO It is beginning to cool off here in Wyoming. School is starting
soon apparently and that seems to mean winter is beginning soon as
well. It is raining a lot more lately and all that fun stuff so the
cold will probably come in the next 3-4 months. Fun times.
     This week has been really good but kinda slow at the same time.
On Saturday our ward went up to Billings for a ward temple day, we
stayed in wright but that is ok. However among those that attended the
temple were 3 recent converts! It was amazing to see them after they
attended the temple and see the pure joy that they had felt from the
temple. Another amazing thing that happened this week was we finally
got one of our investigators back on date. We have been working with
Larry since before I came into this area. He was on date before but
had missed his date. I feel like this time he could make his date and
hopefully He will be baptized soon. It has been a really good week.
Also this week we had a really interesting experience. We tracted into
this lady and she seemed really interested. She said we could come
back when her husband was there the next day. We went back and ended
up talking with just the husband. He seemed somewhat interested but at
the same time not really. After a little bit we realized that he really
was not interested but rather was trying to tear down our faith. As we
drove away I knew with more a surety that This is Gods church. It was
interesting that even though He was trying to tear us down it ended up
strengthening my own testimony. I love this work of salvation that I
am privileged to be a part of.
Elder Cameron J Kimball
Bison Herd

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