Wednesday, February 18, 2015


   So this week has been pretty nice and sunny, sometimes a little overcast but not too bad. But this morning we woke up to a little bit of snow which melted off really quickly so it was all good. Also we spent the past few days visiting a Branch out in Jordan Montana, which is about 80 miles north of Miles City. There are not very many people there at all so we did not spend much time out there. It was a neat experience to attend a church in a branch of about 30 people. It was also cool because literally everyone in the branch was related or will be soon. It is crazy how small some of the congregations are. Also when we were up in Jordan we got to help one family with the morning feeding of the cows. It was awesome!!!
   So this whole week has been awesome! On Thursday we met with a couple that we had found tracting on Sunday. They are awesome. We had given them a pamphlet and they had read the entire pamphlet and wrote down questions that they had. It was awesome!!! The lesson didn't go quite as planned but it went how it needed to. We spent most of the lesson answering their questions and testifying about what we know to be true. It was really powerful!! Also while we were out in Jordan we had an amazing lesson with a Less Active Member! He struggles with some things in his life and it was awesome to see his desire to become better and overcome his trials. There have been a lot of amazing miracles that are happening here in this area! I love the work here and I know that the Book of Mormon is really true and that it is indeed the word of God.

This is My Joy (Alma 29:9)

Elder Cameron J Kimball

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