Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello all!

 So this week we actually got some snow! It was pretty awesome. Just a
little and it was mostly gone by the morning but it still snowed. So
that means winter is coming. So it is time to prepare for more cold! I
think I'm ready.
    So this week was pretty awesome! One big miracle from this week
happened on Sunday. We had set a goal to have two investigators at
sacrament meeting. We worked all week to encourage our investigators
to come to sacrament meeting. On Sunday morning the only people we
were expecting got called in to work so they couldn't come. The
miracle came when three of our other investigators were able to show
up out of the blue. It was an awesome miracle! We had given our all
and the Lord provided blessings. We had no control other than to
invite and wait and see. I have truly grown to recognize more and more
the small little miracles in my life. I am loving this work and all
the blessings that I witness daily.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Sunset Wyoming style
First morning snow

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