Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another one bites the dust

Hi all
   Well another week has gone by faster than ever. It has been really
warm! Up into the high 30's / low 40's. It was nice to be able to do
some tract and not have to wear a jacket. All is well and the weather
is being good to us.

This week has been awesome! Norman is still progressing and is getting
ready for baptism this next weekend! Good things have been happening
here. We have been tracting a lot and we have been seeing lots of
miracles. One cool miracle was a family that we tracted into. Their
kids opened the door on Thursday and said to come back Saturday. We
came back and the mom opened the door. She said that she would be
willing to meet and that she has talked with missionaries in the past
so that was pretty awesome. Another cool miracle came from our Branch
Mission Leader. He told us about a part member family that might be
willing to let us come by on Friday to visit. It has been a really
awesome week.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Saw this at the post office...

My companion took a picture of the pancakes I made for breakfast....

Took some fun pictures on our branch presidents property..

This was in someone's house...only in Montana 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


   Well another week has gone by. It snowed again and was cold but
that seems normal now. Yesterday it was down to 10*, with wind chill
it was -2*. Even with the colder weather miracles have been happening
all around.
  The best miracle this week was with Norman. We finally were able to
have a lesson with him which was awesome! We had the lesson at the
Rosskelly's house which made it even better. The spirit was super
strong and present. We invited him to baptism and he accepted almost
without hesitation. What made it all the better is that he mentioned
that he has already been thinking and praying about baptism! It is
such an amazing blessing to see people make the amazing decision to
get baptized. Norman has been prepared and now he is making the
necessary steps to come closer to Christ. I love this gospel and the
incredible blessing it is in my life. There are so many miracles that
happen everyday and it has been an incredible blessing for me to be
able to recognize those more and more each and every day.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hey all

 This week has been awesome the weather was cold!! In single digits
part of this week! My new companion is elder Christensen! He is from
Tucson Arizona and has been out about 5 months. It has been lots of
fun so far.
This week one cool miracle was that we finally were able to set up an
appointment with our investigator Norman. He has been to church
several times already but schedules just haven't been working out. He
lives really far out of town so it is hard to work with travel time.
This week however we finally got an appointment! It is a great
blessing to finally be able to visit with him! It was even better
because it is already set up at a members house which makes it all the
better! It continues to amaze me that the Lord puts people in our path
all the time to hasten his work!
Elder Cameron J Kimball

More sky!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hi all!!

  So this week was pretty good! The weather has been nice to us
lately. In the 20's so not to cold. Also the wind has not been too
strong so the wind chill wasn't too bad. Also this week we got our
transfer calls. Elder Gutierrez is leaving to go to Lovell Wyoming and
my new Companion will be Elder Christiansen. It has been an awesome

This week there were a lot of miracles. One amazing one was with our
investigator Joe. Joe has been meeting with missionaries for the
several months now and hasn't really committed to anything. We had a
lesson with him on Wednesday and really focused on the Book of Mormon
and reading it to know if it is true! When we finished our lesson he
said that he would read the Book of Mormon. It was a truly an awesome
experience. He was deeply touched by the spirit and it was wonderful
to begin to see some softening happening. I am loving the work here
and all the people! I love you all!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

We watched members light fireworks!! It was fun.

Hello all!

So this week was crazy busy and very cold. The day after Christmas it
was -15 when we woke up so I think that means winter is upon us up
here in Roundup. It was awesome this week as well to celebrate the
wonderful Christmas season. Skype-ing home was awesome as well as
visiting members all Christmas Day.

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to go caroling with some
members of our branch. We had a lot of neat experiences with those
that we visited. We focused on mostly less active members that we have
been working with. One of the neatest experiences that we had was with
a less active family that we had only met a few days before. When we
had met with them they all seemed kind of down and the mom did not
seem very happy to have us there but they had let us in. We decided to
go with the members to sing some carols to them. It was wonderful to
see their reaction. As we sang there was a light in their eyes. It
truly was amazing to be a part of bringing some Christmas joy into
their lives. They are going through a really hard time in their lives
and I hope that our caroling helped to lift their spirits. Going
around and caroling was truly an awesome experience. The gospel is
true and it is so amazing that we have had this time of year to
celebrate the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all and
thank you for your support and prayers!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

There was sooooo much traffic today on the highway....:) ( not a car in sight!)