Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hi y'all!

It's been nice up here, actually super warm which is fine. Lots of
good things have been happening up here

One miracle from this week happened with our investigator Sarah. She
has been out of town for the past several weeks so we were not able to
visit with her. On Saturday we stopped by and she was home and we were
able to visit with her. We had a really good visit. Then on Sunday she
showed up to church! It was awesome. This week has been really good.
Thank you all for the prayers and support.


Elder Cameron J Kimball
2 John 1:12

Monday, August 1, 2016

2 John 1:12

One picture of me near the mouth of the Flathead river
where it empties into the Flathead lake..

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Howdy y'all!

   This week has been great! Good weather and nice people to talk to,
what more could a missionary ask for! I spent a couple days this week
in Polson with another elder which was awesome.

One awesome miracle that happened this week happened actually just
yesterday. We felt like we should drop by a less active family that we
haven't seen in a couple weeks. They are generally super busy so when
we saw all their cars in the driveway we knew it was going to be good.
We were able to have a really good lesson with them. As it turned out
we caught them on the one Sunday they were home all together in the
past several weeks. After the lesson they had us give their grandma a
blessing. It truly was a humbling and spiritual experience to give the
blessing. Our Heavenly Father truly has a plan laid out for each of us
in this life and a work for each of us to do. Being a missionary has
taught me so many things and has strengthened my testimony of the
gospel in so many ways. I love being a missionary and a part of this
great work.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

The view off our front porch

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hey y'all!

So this week was pretty nice. Good weather and lots of service. We
helped an older couple paint their 2nd story deck which was lots of fun.
The guy had started the painting project himself but ended up falling
off the ladder and breaking his back. No need to worry though, he is
already back on his feet. Needless to say the branch got a painting
party together and we finished off the deck.

One awesome miracle this week was with Kirk. We found Kirk looking
through our former investigators. He is super ready for the gospel. He
has already read the Book of Mormon and is continuing to read it. He
only has a few steps to take before he could be baptized but he is
already planning on it soon. The only sad part is he will be moving to
Florida soon so he probably will meet with missionaries down there.
Nevertheless it is still awesome how the Lord prepares people to hear
the gospel. Kirk hasn't had missionaries over in months but when we
stopped by he was very excited to see us and let us right in. Miracles
continue to happen. I love you all.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Pics from Glacier National Park

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hi y'all!

   This week has been good. The weather has been rather rainy lately
and overcast which isn't too bad. Lots of good things are happening.
The scenery up here is beautiful! Lots of big mountains and an awesome

  One miracle from this week happened in the branch that we cover in
addition to Bigfork. We had not had the chance to get over to that
branch until Sunday. When we got out there, it turned out that the
Branch president and the branch mission leader had several people that
they wanted us to work with. We have been trying to find some people
in Bigfork that we can work with but we weren't finding as many people
as we would like. But the Lord provides a way. Now we have several
other people to begin working with which is awesome. Despite all our
own efforts the Lord’s work will move forward in the places it needs
to. Lots of awesome miracles are happening.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hi y'all
  Happy 4th of July! Well Bigfork is an awesome place to be! I'm
loving it up here already. There have already been some crazy things
that have happened. On Sunday because of Canada Day and the 4th of
July there were 1100+ people there. Every classroom was filled and
there were people down the halls! It was crazy! Also there was a huge
parade in town today and it was busy! Coming up to Bigfork was a long
drive from Great Falls. We had to travel through Helena so it ended up
being 4 hours of driving. Not too bad for Montana though. My new
companion is Elder Blum. He is from Hawaii. He has been out for 9

   There were some awesome miracles that happened this week! One
awesome miracle was with the Bowen family up here in Bigfork.
Apparently they have been hard to get in contact with them in the past
but we felt like we should stop by. We showed up and it was perfect.
They were all home and actually had time to visit with us. We were
able to talk with them and had a really amazing visit. The Lord knows
where people are and when they are ready. It is amazing to see the
wonderful miracles happening daily.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

The view from our front porch!

Our ride for part of the day today :)....looking like true Montanans 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey everyone!

This week as been great. The weather has been really nice, in the
70's/80's. Lots of good things have been happening lately which is
just awesome!

One awesome miracle that happened this week was with Brett. On Tuesday
we got a media referral for Brett. He is awesome. He is sincerely
interested in learning more which is sweet. The Lord knows when people
are prepared and He makes it possible for us to come in contact with
them when the time is right. It is an amazing blessing to be a
missionary. There are so many miracles that happen all the time and
since I have been a missionary I have begun to recognize them more and
more. Good things are happening! Thank you all for your support!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 13, 2016


Another week gone by!
  This week was great! It has been really warm lately, up in the
80's. There also have been a couple thunderstorms! We have even had
some hail. On Saturday morning there was a hail storm that was
dropping golf ball size hail. It was pretty crazy.

  There have been some awesome miracles that have been happening as
well. At the end of last week a family moved from one of the other
wards to our ward. They haven't been very active in their other Ward
but we're working on getting to the temple. On Wednesday we were able
to stop by and their two sons came to mutual. Than they showed up to
church on Sunday! It was sweet. There is a lot of potential for that
family. It is amazing that the Lord always seems to provide us with
those that He would like us to help. I love being such a part of
watching people come closer to Christ. Thank you all for the support!


Elder Cameron J Kimball


Found some pretty scenery 

Monday, June 6, 2016

1 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 1

Hi again!
 Well another week has gone by! The weather up here has been really
warm lately. Up in the 80's! All has been going well this week. One
cool thing that happened this week was I got to hold an iguana. We
went to help some people load their trailer for their move and they let
us hold their pet iguana. That was just the entertainment for the

There were a lot of miracles this week. One awesome one was with our
investigator named Allie. We have been meeting with her for the past
couple weeks but she never was really making too much progress. Then
earlier last week we set up an appointment with her for Saturday. We
talked with her a little on Thursday as well and reminded her about
our appointment. When we arrived on Saturday it sweet. She answered
the door and that's when she remembered. However, instead of just
rescheduling for another time she came out and we sat on her porch and
talked. The awesome part was that after we had left on Thursday she
had started reading more of the Book of Mormon and she had a list of
questions! It was a super awesome lesson! It is amazing how there
is that right moment in people's lives and miracles happen. I love
being a missionary and seeing all of the amazing miracles that happen
all around us on a daily basis. I love you all.

Elder Cameron J Kimball
Me holding Iguana

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hi again!

So this week has been busy with a lot of random stuff. The weather has
been all over the place from rainy to hot and sunny. One crazy thing
from this week was I sprained my ankle pretty bad. It is all good
though. The swelling has gone down for the most part but the bruising
is still there. I'll just have to wait for that to go away.

Despite my injured ankle we were still able to do lots of work. This
week we had a really sweet lesson with one of our investigators named
Rachel. It was awesome. Our Elders quorum president and his wife were
there which was awesome as well. The spirit was so strong during the
lesson it was amazing. One amazing part of the lesson was how the Lord
knows everyone. We were planning on keeping the lesson short but we
kept being guided by the spirit to share more and more. I love being a
missionary. Thank all for your support.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

This was just a day or so after it happened. Pretty colors. :) It's
much better now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hi y'all

 This week has been great! It has been really rainy lately but it all
has been good.   I got my new companion this week. Elder Munroe is
awesome. He is from Gilbert Arizona. Good things are happening

One awesome miracle from this week happened on Sunday. There is a less
active family that we have been working with these past few weeks.
They have not been to church in a very long time. Then this Sunday they
showed up! It was awesome to see blessings coming from our efforts. It
is amazing to see how the Lord touches people at the moment they need
it most. I love you all!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Well Hi

   So this week has been good. Transfer calls have struck again.
Elder Johnson is leaving and my new companion will be Elder Munroe.
All is going well. It has been a bit crazy with transfers happening this
next week. The weather has wonderful so it all has been great.

  This past week has been slow teaching wise but it still has been
awesome. Despite not having very many lesson we were blessed with many
service opportunities. One awesome miracle happened on Wednesday
evening. We got out of dinner around 6 and had another appointment for
around 6:30 ish. Despite the fact that we knew we would be about 15
min late we felt we should walk to the appointment. We arrived and the
people we were meeting with had forgotten about the appointment but
still let us in so we were able to have a great lesson with them. Then
on our walk to the next place we had to go to, it just so happened that we
passed a part member families house. They were outside and called us
over. They were actually going to call us to help them with their
lawn. It was awesome to be at the right place at the right time. The
Lord knew that if we walked we would be in the right place at the
right time. The Lord really does move in mysterious ways. Thank you
all for your support.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Well another week gone by!
  It's crazy that another week has gone by already. It feels like I
emailed just yesterday! It was awesome to Skype home for Mother's Day
yesterday. The weather has been hot lately but today it decided to
rain on us.

 There have been some cool miracles this week. First off we have been
doing a lot of biking and walking this week. It has been nice to be
able to be out on the streets and be able to talk to the people that
are walking around. This week has been good. We were blessed to get
several members at lessons that we had. It was awesome to be able to
work with members and to feel the strength of their testimonies.
Sometimes, in missionary work, it seems almost like a waiting time but
it is amazing to see that as we patiently wait upon the Lord, blessings
come. Always in His timing but nevertheless the come, and it is
awesome! I love seeing so many miracles all the time.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

We were at a members house and their parrot was friendly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Well hi

So another week has gone by yet again. This all just seems kind of
déjà vu sometimes but here we are again. All is going well up here. It
has been rainy which haven't been too bad but now it's sunny which is
all the better.

Well more miracles have been happening on a daily basis. One cool
miracle from this week happened on Saturday. We had a lesson with a
less active named Heather. Heather has not been to church in a long
time but has recently started to let us come over. One of her big
concerns is a family member who is gay. For the lesson we had tried to
find someone to come with us as Heather's husband would not be home.
On Friday night, the night before the lesson we stopped at a potluck
that our Ward was having. While we were there we were able to find a
member to come with us to visit with Heather. During the lesson on
Saturday Heather again brought up her concern about her family member.
As it turned out the member we brought also has a family member that
is gay. He was the perfect member to bring. He was able to relate from
his personal experience and it really helped to hopefully resolve her
concern. It was awesome to see how the Lord knows each of our
experiences and will put those in our path that have been through
those experiences and can help us. The Lord really does move in
mysterious way. I love being able to see those miracles happening all

I love you all
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hi y'all!

This week was crazy and awesome! On Tuesday we mowed our lawn, that's
is part of the contract for our apartment we mow every other time.
Than on Friday it snowed so we shoveled snow! It was crazy. Also this
week I spent a day on an exchange in one of the other areas. I got to
go with Elder Christopherson, one of my previous companions. I had
served with him over a year ago back in Miles City. It was awesome.
Amazing things happened during that exchange.

 This week there were several miracles that happened. One amazing
miracle happened on Friday. Friday morning we had a zone training
meeting which was awesome. Then Elder Johnson and I had an appointment
with Allie at 1 pm. When we had set up the appointment Elder Johnson
had the impression that we needed to make sure that we were on time to
the lesson, so that is what we did. We knocked on her door at,
surprisingly to us, exactly 1pm. As it turned out she was on her way
out but decided to let us in anyway. Our plan was to teach the
restoration but things rarely seem to go as planned. The lesson was
nothing close to normal. We were able to share the lesson but not in
the way we were expecting. The spirit was so powerful during that
lesson. It also was one of the best lessons I have been a part of. It
was an amazing experience to recognize and know that that lesson did
not come from me. The Lord was truly directing every word that we
said. This truly is the Lords work and He knows exactly what needs to
be said. I love this opportunity I have to serve a mission and be so
closely involved in this work.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hi everyone

  Well another week has gone by. It has been rainy this past week
which is not too bad. There have been a lot of good things happening
and so we have been staying busy despite the rain.  I actually have
been enjoying the rain.

There have been some sweet miracles happening this past week. One
awesome miracle this week happened in the home of one of our less
actives, Creighton. We have been working with Creighton and had a
lesson on Wednesday night. When we got there his girlfriend, who is an
active member was there. It was sweet! Than to our surprise
Creighton's younger brother, who is also less active showed up with
his friend Nick, a nonmember! It was awesome! We were able to teach
the Restoration and give nick a copy of The Book of Mormon. It was an
awesome lesson. We have been trying very hard to get some member
present lessons and then we were blessed with one that seemingly just
fell in our lap. It was an awesome miracle. It was awesome as well to
see Creighton kind of going back into his missionary experience and
see a little of that fire begin to grow. There really are miracles all
the time as we serve the Lord. It is such a blessing to be so closely
a part of the Lords work and know that this is His Gospel.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Handicap parking spots at one of the apartments in our area! I thought
they were awesome!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hey it's me again,

Well another week has gone by. The weather has been crazy this week at
one point it was in the 60's and sunny and later in the week it
snowed. Now it is nice and cool, in the high 30's low 40's and partly
cloudy, so no real need for a jacket. It nice.

This really has been an interesting week. We have been able to do a
lot of service for people this past week which has been nice but for
some reason this was a difficult week to find people at home. A lot of
the appointments we had fell though. Despite all that Elder Johnson
and I have been working hard. We were blessed with several small
tender mercies throughout this week. One of those little tender
mercies occurred on Wednesday. Our 7pm appointment fell through and
our 8 pm appointment moved back to 8:30 so we were left with a blank
space so we turned to our backup. We went and tried to contact several
members that neither of us knew. The last one on our list was not home
but when we pulled up we noticed that another less active member
across the street was just getting home. After we tried the person we
had planned on we went across the street. By this point it was 8:15
and we had an appointment at 8:30. We weren't planning on visiting
right then because of our appointment but when they answered the door
they let us right in! We made it a quick visit but it was still
awesome. We had been trying to get a hold of them for a couple weeks
now so it was a great blessing, even though we were in a time crunch.
This week has caused me to think of the words to a hymn.

"God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footsteps in the sea
And rides upon the storm.
Ye fearful Saints, fresh courage take;
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break
In blessings on your head.
His purposes will ripen fast,
Unfolding ev’ry hour;
The bud may have a bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flower."

(Hymn number 285, God Moves in a Mysterious Way)

Sometimes the work is tough but I know that there are always blessings
in store. I love being a missionary and the blessing that that is in
my life.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hi everyone!

So this week has been super nice! Yesterday the weather got up to 66*!
It was awesome! The work is going well up here in Great Falls! We have
been starting from square one and working hard to build it up. However
good thing have been happening a lot which is awesome!
This week we saw a lot of miracles. One of those was with our
investigator Allie! We found her as we were going through our former
investigators. It was awesome! When we went back she had actually read
some of the Book of Mormon and listened to a little more of our
message. We weren't able to visit with her then but we were able to
set up a time to come back. It was awesome! It is amazing how the Lord
prepares people at different times. It is such a blessing to be a part
of the Lord’s work. I love being a missionary! I love you all!
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hi y'all!

   So this week was awesome! The weather has been pretty nice, a
little cool with some wind but overall pretty nice. Elder Johnson and
I have been working hard so everything has been going very well!

 One awesome day this week was Sunday. During church we had a
combined 2nd hour. It was all about missionary work which was awesome.
On Sunday night we had splits, but only one person had said they could
come. The one problem with splits was we had two appointments and only
one person. About 5 min before splits we were blessed with a second
member that could come with us. We were able to make it to both
lessons and it was awesome! I know that when we prepare the Lord
provides a way that His will can be accomplished. I love being a part
of the Lords work!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

View outside of Great Falls

Monday, March 7, 2016


Well hi again!
   So this week has been super crazy. The weather has been nice so
that was a perk but everything else has been crazy. On Tuesday I was
in Roundup with another elder for exchanges until Wednesday. Then on
Thursday we got mid-transfer calls! On Friday I got transferred up
here to Great Falls, about three hours away from Roundup! My new
companion is Elder Johnson. He is from Salina Utah and has been out
about 6 months. We are having lots of fun and doing lots of work.

 So a couple miracles from this week. On Tuesday, in Roundup, we had
some awesome miracles. We were finally able to get in contact with the
 Hatch's, a less active family, after trying for almost the past 3
months. It was a super awesome miracle. Here in Great Falls we have
had some awesome miracles already. On Saturday night we had about 20
min of spare time before a lesson and we decided to tract. The first
person we talked with was not interested at all. As we were walking
away from their house we saw a guy sitting on his porch across the
street. We went over and started talking with him.  He was super nice
and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon! It was awesome. The Lord
really does bring blessings as we do His work. I am so grateful for
the opportunity I have to be in the Lords service at this time in my


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello all

So this week was an awesome week! The weather has still been really
nice and everything which is always a blessing. The warmer weather
means that the deer are more active. Thankfully we have not hit any so
that is good.

The past few days have been really awesome. We have been able to find
a few new people to teach which is amazing. This week end we helped a
couple move out of the branch. It was sad but they are going where
they need to go. Missionary work wise we have seen several sweet
miracles happening this past week. On Friday we went with our branch
mission leader to go visit a part member family that they knew. It was
an awesome visit. There is a really good feeling about this transfer.
It is awesome to see how the Lord is preparing people for us to help
on their journey towards salvation. I am loving each and every moment
out here. I have been learning a lot and even so many blessings and
miracles it’s mind boggling! I love you all.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

We had some fun taking some cool pictures

Us with Jamison....one of the Deacons in the branch

Elder Christensen and me

Someone had a pet lamb....they didn't have it the last time we were over there....it was kinda random.

Another no filter sunset...with American flag

Hi everyone!

This week has been pretty awesome! It has been really windy the past
few days but that just adds to the fun!  It has not snowed up here in
a while which has been nice! It has all melted and it almost feels
like spring!

This week was another awesome week. It was super-fast and kinda crazy.
One crazy miracle happened on Saturday. We planned on going out to our
Branch president’s cabin at 7 am. Elder Christensen kept forgetting
things so we were running late. However that turned out to be a huge
blessing. About 5 miles away from our final destination we passed a
minivan parked on the side of the road. As we passed we noticed a car
that had rolled off the road. We stopped the car and ran down the
hill. It turned out that three little kids had taken their parents car
for a joy ride and rolled it off the side of the road. Their father
had realized that they had left and was chasing them in the other car.
They had rolled off the road at about 60 mph. We arrived just minutes
after and were the first ones on the scene. We were able to call 911
(even though we never get signal at that location, another blessing)
and get help on its way. All the kids turned out OK which was good. It
was such an amazing blessing that we had been delayed a little and
were able to help those in such a dire situation. The Lord really does
put us where he needs to be when he needs us to be there. The Lord
provides. Love you all!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Bald eagle we saw near the road

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another one bites the dust

Hi all
   Well another week has gone by faster than ever. It has been really
warm! Up into the high 30's / low 40's. It was nice to be able to do
some tract and not have to wear a jacket. All is well and the weather
is being good to us.

This week has been awesome! Norman is still progressing and is getting
ready for baptism this next weekend! Good things have been happening
here. We have been tracting a lot and we have been seeing lots of
miracles. One cool miracle was a family that we tracted into. Their
kids opened the door on Thursday and said to come back Saturday. We
came back and the mom opened the door. She said that she would be
willing to meet and that she has talked with missionaries in the past
so that was pretty awesome. Another cool miracle came from our Branch
Mission Leader. He told us about a part member family that might be
willing to let us come by on Friday to visit. It has been a really
awesome week.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Saw this at the post office...

My companion took a picture of the pancakes I made for breakfast....

Took some fun pictures on our branch presidents property..

This was in someone's house...only in Montana 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


   Well another week has gone by. It snowed again and was cold but
that seems normal now. Yesterday it was down to 10*, with wind chill
it was -2*. Even with the colder weather miracles have been happening
all around.
  The best miracle this week was with Norman. We finally were able to
have a lesson with him which was awesome! We had the lesson at the
Rosskelly's house which made it even better. The spirit was super
strong and present. We invited him to baptism and he accepted almost
without hesitation. What made it all the better is that he mentioned
that he has already been thinking and praying about baptism! It is
such an amazing blessing to see people make the amazing decision to
get baptized. Norman has been prepared and now he is making the
necessary steps to come closer to Christ. I love this gospel and the
incredible blessing it is in my life. There are so many miracles that
happen everyday and it has been an incredible blessing for me to be
able to recognize those more and more each and every day.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

Hey all

 This week has been awesome the weather was cold!! In single digits
part of this week! My new companion is elder Christensen! He is from
Tucson Arizona and has been out about 5 months. It has been lots of
fun so far.
This week one cool miracle was that we finally were able to set up an
appointment with our investigator Norman. He has been to church
several times already but schedules just haven't been working out. He
lives really far out of town so it is hard to work with travel time.
This week however we finally got an appointment! It is a great
blessing to finally be able to visit with him! It was even better
because it is already set up at a members house which makes it all the
better! It continues to amaze me that the Lord puts people in our path
all the time to hasten his work!
Elder Cameron J Kimball

More sky!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hi all!!

  So this week was pretty good! The weather has been nice to us
lately. In the 20's so not to cold. Also the wind has not been too
strong so the wind chill wasn't too bad. Also this week we got our
transfer calls. Elder Gutierrez is leaving to go to Lovell Wyoming and
my new Companion will be Elder Christiansen. It has been an awesome

This week there were a lot of miracles. One amazing one was with our
investigator Joe. Joe has been meeting with missionaries for the
several months now and hasn't really committed to anything. We had a
lesson with him on Wednesday and really focused on the Book of Mormon
and reading it to know if it is true! When we finished our lesson he
said that he would read the Book of Mormon. It was a truly an awesome
experience. He was deeply touched by the spirit and it was wonderful
to begin to see some softening happening. I am loving the work here
and all the people! I love you all!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

We watched members light fireworks!! It was fun.

Hello all!

So this week was crazy busy and very cold. The day after Christmas it
was -15 when we woke up so I think that means winter is upon us up
here in Roundup. It was awesome this week as well to celebrate the
wonderful Christmas season. Skype-ing home was awesome as well as
visiting members all Christmas Day.

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to go caroling with some
members of our branch. We had a lot of neat experiences with those
that we visited. We focused on mostly less active members that we have
been working with. One of the neatest experiences that we had was with
a less active family that we had only met a few days before. When we
had met with them they all seemed kind of down and the mom did not
seem very happy to have us there but they had let us in. We decided to
go with the members to sing some carols to them. It was wonderful to
see their reaction. As we sang there was a light in their eyes. It
truly was amazing to be a part of bringing some Christmas joy into
their lives. They are going through a really hard time in their lives
and I hope that our caroling helped to lift their spirits. Going
around and caroling was truly an awesome experience. The gospel is
true and it is so amazing that we have had this time of year to
celebrate the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all and
thank you for your support and prayers!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

There was sooooo much traffic today on the highway....:) ( not a car in sight!)