Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Howdy y'all!

   This week has been great! Good weather and nice people to talk to,
what more could a missionary ask for! I spent a couple days this week
in Polson with another elder which was awesome.

One awesome miracle that happened this week happened actually just
yesterday. We felt like we should drop by a less active family that we
haven't seen in a couple weeks. They are generally super busy so when
we saw all their cars in the driveway we knew it was going to be good.
We were able to have a really good lesson with them. As it turned out
we caught them on the one Sunday they were home all together in the
past several weeks. After the lesson they had us give their grandma a
blessing. It truly was a humbling and spiritual experience to give the
blessing. Our Heavenly Father truly has a plan laid out for each of us
in this life and a work for each of us to do. Being a missionary has
taught me so many things and has strengthened my testimony of the
gospel in so many ways. I love being a missionary and a part of this
great work.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

The view off our front porch

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hey y'all!

So this week was pretty nice. Good weather and lots of service. We
helped an older couple paint their 2nd story deck which was lots of fun.
The guy had started the painting project himself but ended up falling
off the ladder and breaking his back. No need to worry though, he is
already back on his feet. Needless to say the branch got a painting
party together and we finished off the deck.

One awesome miracle this week was with Kirk. We found Kirk looking
through our former investigators. He is super ready for the gospel. He
has already read the Book of Mormon and is continuing to read it. He
only has a few steps to take before he could be baptized but he is
already planning on it soon. The only sad part is he will be moving to
Florida soon so he probably will meet with missionaries down there.
Nevertheless it is still awesome how the Lord prepares people to hear
the gospel. Kirk hasn't had missionaries over in months but when we
stopped by he was very excited to see us and let us right in. Miracles
continue to happen. I love you all.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Pics from Glacier National Park

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hi y'all!

   This week has been good. The weather has been rather rainy lately
and overcast which isn't too bad. Lots of good things are happening.
The scenery up here is beautiful! Lots of big mountains and an awesome

  One miracle from this week happened in the branch that we cover in
addition to Bigfork. We had not had the chance to get over to that
branch until Sunday. When we got out there, it turned out that the
Branch president and the branch mission leader had several people that
they wanted us to work with. We have been trying to find some people
in Bigfork that we can work with but we weren't finding as many people
as we would like. But the Lord provides a way. Now we have several
other people to begin working with which is awesome. Despite all our
own efforts the Lord’s work will move forward in the places it needs
to. Lots of awesome miracles are happening.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hi y'all
  Happy 4th of July! Well Bigfork is an awesome place to be! I'm
loving it up here already. There have already been some crazy things
that have happened. On Sunday because of Canada Day and the 4th of
July there were 1100+ people there. Every classroom was filled and
there were people down the halls! It was crazy! Also there was a huge
parade in town today and it was busy! Coming up to Bigfork was a long
drive from Great Falls. We had to travel through Helena so it ended up
being 4 hours of driving. Not too bad for Montana though. My new
companion is Elder Blum. He is from Hawaii. He has been out for 9

   There were some awesome miracles that happened this week! One
awesome miracle was with the Bowen family up here in Bigfork.
Apparently they have been hard to get in contact with them in the past
but we felt like we should stop by. We showed up and it was perfect.
They were all home and actually had time to visit with us. We were
able to talk with them and had a really amazing visit. The Lord knows
where people are and when they are ready. It is amazing to see the
wonderful miracles happening daily.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

The view from our front porch!

Our ride for part of the day today :)....looking like true Montanans