Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey everyone!

This week as been great. The weather has been really nice, in the
70's/80's. Lots of good things have been happening lately which is
just awesome!

One awesome miracle that happened this week was with Brett. On Tuesday
we got a media referral for Brett. He is awesome. He is sincerely
interested in learning more which is sweet. The Lord knows when people
are prepared and He makes it possible for us to come in contact with
them when the time is right. It is an amazing blessing to be a
missionary. There are so many miracles that happen all the time and
since I have been a missionary I have begun to recognize them more and
more. Good things are happening! Thank you all for your support!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Monday, June 13, 2016


Another week gone by!
  This week was great! It has been really warm lately, up in the
80's. There also have been a couple thunderstorms! We have even had
some hail. On Saturday morning there was a hail storm that was
dropping golf ball size hail. It was pretty crazy.

  There have been some awesome miracles that have been happening as
well. At the end of last week a family moved from one of the other
wards to our ward. They haven't been very active in their other Ward
but we're working on getting to the temple. On Wednesday we were able
to stop by and their two sons came to mutual. Than they showed up to
church on Sunday! It was sweet. There is a lot of potential for that
family. It is amazing that the Lord always seems to provide us with
those that He would like us to help. I love being such a part of
watching people come closer to Christ. Thank you all for the support!


Elder Cameron J Kimball


Found some pretty scenery 

Monday, June 6, 2016

1 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 1

Hi again!
 Well another week has gone by! The weather up here has been really
warm lately. Up in the 80's! All has been going well this week. One
cool thing that happened this week was I got to hold an iguana. We
went to help some people load their trailer for their move and they let
us hold their pet iguana. That was just the entertainment for the

There were a lot of miracles this week. One awesome one was with our
investigator named Allie. We have been meeting with her for the past
couple weeks but she never was really making too much progress. Then
earlier last week we set up an appointment with her for Saturday. We
talked with her a little on Thursday as well and reminded her about
our appointment. When we arrived on Saturday it sweet. She answered
the door and that's when she remembered. However, instead of just
rescheduling for another time she came out and we sat on her porch and
talked. The awesome part was that after we had left on Thursday she
had started reading more of the Book of Mormon and she had a list of
questions! It was a super awesome lesson! It is amazing how there
is that right moment in people's lives and miracles happen. I love
being a missionary and seeing all of the amazing miracles that happen
all around us on a daily basis. I love you all.

Elder Cameron J Kimball
Me holding Iguana

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hi again!

So this week has been busy with a lot of random stuff. The weather has
been all over the place from rainy to hot and sunny. One crazy thing
from this week was I sprained my ankle pretty bad. It is all good
though. The swelling has gone down for the most part but the bruising
is still there. I'll just have to wait for that to go away.

Despite my injured ankle we were still able to do lots of work. This
week we had a really sweet lesson with one of our investigators named
Rachel. It was awesome. Our Elders quorum president and his wife were
there which was awesome as well. The spirit was so strong during the
lesson it was amazing. One amazing part of the lesson was how the Lord
knows everyone. We were planning on keeping the lesson short but we
kept being guided by the spirit to share more and more. I love being a
missionary. Thank all for your support.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

This was just a day or so after it happened. Pretty colors. :) It's
much better now.