Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello All!

  So this week was rather uneventful. Nothing too crazy weather wise
but it’s been good. There have been some cool sunsets. Picture included.
    This week we had a few little miracles which were all pretty
awesome! One happened this Sunday evening. We tracted into this lady
named Adrianne. She seemed to be really busy but we still were
persistent. We found out that she has a child that is ill and has been
for a while. We testified of the Restoration and especially of the
priesthood. It was at that point that her face changed. It changed
from just talking to us to a genuine interest. As we left it seemed as
though she really wanted us to come back eventually and talk with her
more. I am continually amaze at the way we are guided by the spirit. I
love being able to witness the spirit as it touches people’s hearts. I
love this gospel and I know that it is true. I learned a lot this week
that it is through the spirit that hearts are touched.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

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