Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hello Everybody!

  So this week was quite the adventure! I finally got my new companion
on Wednesday night really late so we didn't get back to Wright until
Thursday morning. I spent most the the past week up in Gillette
waiting for my new companion. His name is Elder Rich and he is from
Kansas City Missouri. This is his first week in the mission field so
that adds to the adventure!

 This past few days there have been some cool things that have
happened. We have spent a lot of our time contacting people that
previous missionaries had talked to. It surprises me how some of the
people that we have met are ready to learn about the Gospel but were
never contacted again after the first time. I am loving this area! I
have learned a lot here. The best part of the week was Sunday. We had
visited a few people on Friday and Saturday and talked with them just
for a little bit. Then on Sunday we had a lot of people that we had
met and are going to work come to church! it was amazing to see them
there and make the choice themselves to come. I love this Gospel and
the Light and Knowledge that it brings. I truly have been blessed with
this opportunity to serve and dedicate this time to the Lord!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

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