Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hey y'all!

So this week was pretty nice. Good weather and lots of service. We
helped an older couple paint their 2nd story deck which was lots of fun.
The guy had started the painting project himself but ended up falling
off the ladder and breaking his back. No need to worry though, he is
already back on his feet. Needless to say the branch got a painting
party together and we finished off the deck.

One awesome miracle this week was with Kirk. We found Kirk looking
through our former investigators. He is super ready for the gospel. He
has already read the Book of Mormon and is continuing to read it. He
only has a few steps to take before he could be baptized but he is
already planning on it soon. The only sad part is he will be moving to
Florida soon so he probably will meet with missionaries down there.
Nevertheless it is still awesome how the Lord prepares people to hear
the gospel. Kirk hasn't had missionaries over in months but when we
stopped by he was very excited to see us and let us right in. Miracles
continue to happen. I love you all.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

Pics from Glacier National Park

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