Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hi y'all
  Happy 4th of July! Well Bigfork is an awesome place to be! I'm
loving it up here already. There have already been some crazy things
that have happened. On Sunday because of Canada Day and the 4th of
July there were 1100+ people there. Every classroom was filled and
there were people down the halls! It was crazy! Also there was a huge
parade in town today and it was busy! Coming up to Bigfork was a long
drive from Great Falls. We had to travel through Helena so it ended up
being 4 hours of driving. Not too bad for Montana though. My new
companion is Elder Blum. He is from Hawaii. He has been out for 9

   There were some awesome miracles that happened this week! One
awesome miracle was with the Bowen family up here in Bigfork.
Apparently they have been hard to get in contact with them in the past
but we felt like we should stop by. We showed up and it was perfect.
They were all home and actually had time to visit with us. We were
able to talk with them and had a really amazing visit. The Lord knows
where people are and when they are ready. It is amazing to see the
wonderful miracles happening daily.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

The view from our front porch!

Our ride for part of the day today :)....looking like true Montanans 

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