Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Well another week gone by!
  It's crazy that another week has gone by already. It feels like I
emailed just yesterday! It was awesome to Skype home for Mother's Day
yesterday. The weather has been hot lately but today it decided to
rain on us.

 There have been some cool miracles this week. First off we have been
doing a lot of biking and walking this week. It has been nice to be
able to be out on the streets and be able to talk to the people that
are walking around. This week has been good. We were blessed to get
several members at lessons that we had. It was awesome to be able to
work with members and to feel the strength of their testimonies.
Sometimes, in missionary work, it seems almost like a waiting time but
it is amazing to see that as we patiently wait upon the Lord, blessings
come. Always in His timing but nevertheless the come, and it is
awesome! I love seeing so many miracles all the time.

Elder Cameron J Kimball

We were at a members house and their parrot was friendly.

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