Tuesday, January 19, 2016


   Well another week has gone by. It snowed again and was cold but
that seems normal now. Yesterday it was down to 10*, with wind chill
it was -2*. Even with the colder weather miracles have been happening
all around.
  The best miracle this week was with Norman. We finally were able to
have a lesson with him which was awesome! We had the lesson at the
Rosskelly's house which made it even better. The spirit was super
strong and present. We invited him to baptism and he accepted almost
without hesitation. What made it all the better is that he mentioned
that he has already been thinking and praying about baptism! It is
such an amazing blessing to see people make the amazing decision to
get baptized. Norman has been prepared and now he is making the
necessary steps to come closer to Christ. I love this gospel and the
incredible blessing it is in my life. There are so many miracles that
happen everyday and it has been an incredible blessing for me to be
able to recognize those more and more each and every day.
Elder Cameron J Kimball

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