Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hi y'all!

   This week has been good. The weather has been rather rainy lately
and overcast which isn't too bad. Lots of good things are happening.
The scenery up here is beautiful! Lots of big mountains and an awesome

  One miracle from this week happened in the branch that we cover in
addition to Bigfork. We had not had the chance to get over to that
branch until Sunday. When we got out there, it turned out that the
Branch president and the branch mission leader had several people that
they wanted us to work with. We have been trying to find some people
in Bigfork that we can work with but we weren't finding as many people
as we would like. But the Lord provides a way. Now we have several
other people to begin working with which is awesome. Despite all our
own efforts the Lord’s work will move forward in the places it needs
to. Lots of awesome miracles are happening.


Elder Cameron J Kimball

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