Monday, February 29, 2016

Hi everyone!

This week has been pretty awesome! It has been really windy the past
few days but that just adds to the fun!  It has not snowed up here in
a while which has been nice! It has all melted and it almost feels
like spring!

This week was another awesome week. It was super-fast and kinda crazy.
One crazy miracle happened on Saturday. We planned on going out to our
Branch president’s cabin at 7 am. Elder Christensen kept forgetting
things so we were running late. However that turned out to be a huge
blessing. About 5 miles away from our final destination we passed a
minivan parked on the side of the road. As we passed we noticed a car
that had rolled off the road. We stopped the car and ran down the
hill. It turned out that three little kids had taken their parents car
for a joy ride and rolled it off the side of the road. Their father
had realized that they had left and was chasing them in the other car.
They had rolled off the road at about 60 mph. We arrived just minutes
after and were the first ones on the scene. We were able to call 911
(even though we never get signal at that location, another blessing)
and get help on its way. All the kids turned out OK which was good. It
was such an amazing blessing that we had been delayed a little and
were able to help those in such a dire situation. The Lord really does
put us where he needs to be when he needs us to be there. The Lord
provides. Love you all!

Elder Cameron J Kimball

Bald eagle we saw near the road

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