Thursday, October 2, 2014

Daily repentance

     Well the transfer calls came in!! And the winning area that gets me is.....still Cody WY!!! So I’m not going anywhere but my companion Elder Swisher is headed to Miles City! My new companion is Elder Brechter!! We were already on an exchange for a week so it all worked out nicely! I still get to be in the awesome town of Cody with all its wacky weather!!! Speaking of weather...This week it jumped up to 100 degrees for a few days then literally overnight dropped to 40!!! The weather here cannot make up its mind!!! This past week was awesome!! 
      We found two new people to teach which is always amazing!!! My favorite part of this week was Wednesday!! On Wednesday afternoon we were trying to find a potential investigator!! As we were out and about we started to get the feeling that we weren’t getting anywhere! Elder Brechter then looked at me and said "Elder Kimball, we need to stop right now, refocus, and figure out what we are doing." After a little bit of thought I agreed and we started heading towards a place to stop and figure out what to do, but there was something different already. as we started walking we almost immediately got stop by a lady that was outside working on her yard. After talking for a little bit we found out she was a member but had not been to church in a really long time!! After talking with her we continued walking and at the very next house we started talking to another lady that was outside as well! Right there we were able to teach her a lesson and set up an appointment for Tuesday!! It was amazing to have that experience and it taught me a lot about repentance! In the repentance process first we recognize our mistake. During the repentance process we begin to make actions to change our ways and refocus on Christ! Elder Brechter and I realized that we weren’t doing what we needed to do, than we made a plan to change and fix our ways! Without even realizing it at the time we were using the repentance process! As we began to have that desire to change and refocus on Christ, we were immediately blessed with two new people to teach!! I testify that as we repent of all our mistakes, even the little ones of not focusing on the right person, we will be immediately blessed for our desire to change and will be able to touch the lives of those around us. I love being able to be here on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and I know that The Gospel of Jesus Christ can Change Lives for the better no matter your current situation! I love my mission and I love the people here in Cody Wyoming! And I love You (That means you reading this letter right now :P )

This is my Joy (Alma 29:9)

Elder Cameron Kimball

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