Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Winter is still yet to come...

      So the weather likes to play tricks up here in Cody. Thankfully it has not plummeted temperature yet so it’s still warm-ish... This week the weather stayed for the most part the same so nothing too exciting in that regard. But we have to wear our suit coats all the time now so it gets really hot. The thought of the pending winter is always in the back of my mind as I look at the currently sunny skies.
   This week we did a lot of finding and we found Five new people to teach. It was Awesome!! I really love teaching people; it is by far one of my favorite parts of the mission so far. After last week’s baptism we needed to contact and find some new people so we could keep having people to teach! As we have gone out to find new people we really have been blessed to find lots of new people! Also this week we got to do service for a food bank here in town. It was a neat experience to know that I was directly helping many people in need. My Favorite part of this week was Stake conference! It was cool because it was a regional conference and was broadcast to all the stakes in Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. It is always amazing to hear the counsel and guidance given by the living apostles on earth today!  I know that as we listen to all the prophets and apostles that have lived on earth we can know how to become those individuals that our Heavenly Father wants us to become! I love this work and I Know that the book of Mormon contains the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I love you all!

Love Elder Cameron Kimball

This is the view from outside the food bank. The road to Yellowstone goes between those mountains behind me (AKA north fork)

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