Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This week...

     Was ..crazy! So to start, out once again, I was in Powell for most of the week! So to start out with the fun and exciting things. There were two unique crazy experiences that happened in Powell that I have never had happen in my entire life. The first, slightly less exciting one, was that I learned how to crack a whip! It was kinda awesome! A member in Powell had a very nice kangaroo leather bull whip and taught me how to crack it. It was rather amazing! also the craziest thing that happened this week was the raccoon. More specifically someone’s pet raccoon. Yes a pet raccoon. We went to go visit someone and they had a pet raccoon and they let us hold said pet raccoon! I almost want to get one as a pet now! 
    Also today we moved out of the basement we were staying in here in Cody and moved to a cottage that some members owned. It is a temporary move until we can find somewhere more permanent but it is a better living condition for the time being. So the move was kinda crazy because we found out yesterday we were moving out today and then this morning we were told that we had to be out of the house by 9 am. It was some massive craziness but I guess it had to be done.
   So this week. With all the craziness happening it was nice this week to be able to attend a baptism. While I was in Powell we had the wonderful experience of having one of the people we were teaching be baptized. It was awesome! The spirit is always so strong at a baptismal service. I love watching the work here progress as well as watching people's lives change for the better. I know this gospel is true. I have seen it already change the lives of many people for the better. Jesus Christ’s true church has been restored on the earth. The fullness of the gospel is truly found in the Book of Mormon. I love being out here on a mission, sharing with random strangers that I meet on the street those amazing truths. With all the craziness happening this week I have found a lot of comfort in the gospel and in my own testimony of its truthfulness. I love this work. This is indeed the work of God. 

With love

Elder Cameron Joseph Kimball

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