Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Lord Provides

Hello to all!!

     Well all the snow has melted, and the weather is back up to 70. The past few days have been nice clear skies and the perfect temperature. The wind is beginning to get stronger lately which is making me nervous for that harsh weather that everyone says is coming! This winter is supposed to be the worst they have had here in years! I'm still trying to figure out how bad it’s going to be; The snow seemed bad enough!! There is some crazy weather here!
    Well this week was Amazing!! First off we had Zone Conference on Tuesday! Zone Conference was awesome! The Zone Conference was all of the missionaries that are in the Greybull Basin area of Wyoming (The only part of Wyoming that my mission covers.)!! There were about 50 Missionaries there from two different Zones in our mission, The Wyoming North and Wyoming South Zones. It was an amazing experience to feel the power and spirit all the missionaries in one place! I learned a lot at the conference about how to become a better missionary and how to be more effective!! By applying what I have learned Elder Brechter and I have been able to have lot of success and more success to come!! It is amazing how the Lord has set people in priesthood callings to give us all personal guidance to help us improve in all that we do! As Missionaries He has given us our Mission President who helps is and teaches us each individually on how to be the best missionaries we can be!! As a world Heavenly Father has given us Prophets to guide His people and to teach them! I have been thinking a lot about prophets lately due to the fact that General Conference is in Two Weeks!! It is an amazing blessing to have a Living Prophet on Earth today and to listen to him speak on a regular basis! Prophets are indeed men called of God, and they truly testify of Jesus Christ! Both the Bible and The Book of Mormon affirm the role of prophets in this life! In Amos 3:7 in the bible it reads "surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." and in the Book of Mormon Jacob 7:11 "none of the prophets have written, nor prophesied, save they have spoken concerning this Christ" . In the Mouth of Two or More Witnesses is all truth revealed.
  Now for a crazy story this week. On Thursday Elder Brechter and I were out and about talking to everyone we saw when we came across Carl. Carl was in his yard cutting the tops off some carrots. We started talking to him and had a nice conversation! As we were starting to leave he gave us each a carrot from his garden. They were huge!!! At the time I was kind of hungry and it was a blessing to have a snack to eat! The Lord really does provide for those who serve him! I love being out on a mission and meeting new people every day!! I love you all!!!

This is My Joy Alma 29:9

Elder Cameron Kimball

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