Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter Time Again

Its Letter Time again!!!!

This week was awesome and kinda Crazy!!!!  The weather here is still insane as usual!! At the beginning of the week it was super-hot. Then by the middle of the week it snowed again but this time it didn't stick. Finally the past three days have been super windy!!! It was such strong winds that it was actually sort of difficult to walk/bike in!! Our guess was that the winds were hitting 20 to 30 mph!! Thankfully it has not been hot the past few days because, due to general conference, we must start wearing our suit coats everywhere!!
So this week’s amazing happenings!! Well on Tuesday my companion had to go to court for a traffic ticket he got in his last area!! The craziest part about court was the people we saw!! One guy we had met just a few weeks ago!!! The craziest part was that he showed up in an orange jumpsuit and full cuffs (Hand and Ankle cuffs) with police escorts!!! It was Crazy!!! All went well with my companion and we are working harder than ever!! On Friday one of our investigators had her baptismal interview which was awesome!!! She is getting baptized this Saturday and it is going to be AMAZING!!! It is amazing to see other people learn and progress!! She is so excited for her baptism that she is just glowing!! She has come a long way and is ready for the journey ahead!! It is such an amazing feeling to have seen her progress from the first lesson we taught to now!! 
General conference this week was amazing!!!! One of my favorite talks was by Elder Holland!! He spoke on helping those in need in any way we can, but he made sure to point out that everyone can help someone else in some way!! When we are in the service of those people around us, no matter how we are serving them, we are serving our God!! And when we are serving God he will bless us more than we can even imagine!! During the last session of conference we had the amazing opportunity to watch it with one of our new investigators!! It was an amazing experience to see how it touched her! It was also amazing how many of the talks seemed to talk directly to her especially Elder Bednar’s talk. His even started his talk by saying "My message is directed specifically to individuals who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"!! It was perfect!!!! I love being a missionary because it allows me to see even more how the spirit touches people and can lead them to make better choices in their lives!! I know that as we listen to the counsel of God given through the prophets and apostles throughout all time we can be greatly blessed in all that we do. I know that we have a living prophet here on earth today that is truly inspired of God on how to help us in these ever changing times!!

Trust in the Lord     Proverbs 3:5

I love you All
Elder Cameron Kimball

p.s. I would love to hear from all of you!! If you would like to write me my address is in the column on the right

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