Sunday, December 28, 2014

Laurel Montana!!!!

     Laurel is a wonderful little town built in the shadow of a massive oil refinery and full of potential! The weather here is not too bad yet either, although this morning it snowed a little bit. The snowflakes here are really BIG!!! I am now serving with Elder Sanders, he is from Missouri and is actually younger than me but he has been out a little bit longer. We are living in an apartment which is nice. It’s not very big but it gets the job done and is easy to clean. I am beginning to Love Laurel.
      Laurel has defiantly been a new experience. Thankfully the members here in Laurel are wonderful and extremely helpful. Already this week we have seen many miracles even through the difficulty of a completely new area. We were not left with very much information so we have just started at square one which means Finding. As we have been finding people to talk to we already have been seeing some success. On Sunday night we found ourselves with a short 20 minute window before an appointment so we decided to tract the 8 houses just south of the church building. The 5th house we knocked on was a nice lady that actually let us in! She brought her whole family in and we were able to share with them the Christmas Video called He is the Gift! After that we started talking about the Book of Mormon and she got really excited! As it turned out she is part Native American and has been wondering if Christ ever came to the Native Americans! She was so happy to find out that Christ had indeed visited the Native Americans and that there is a record of that! It was truly amazing to see the simple miracles such as that one, especially this Christmas season!! Merry Christmas to all, and remember that Jesus Christ was the First gift of Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Elder Cameron Joseph Kimball

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