Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello everybody!

So this week was crazy! On Monday and Tuesday it snowed. Then on Thursday through Friday it was around 50-60 degrees. Then on Saturday it dropped from 50 to -5, and began to snow again! So Sunday morning we woke up to about 6 inches of snow! It was awesome! Also when we got home Saturday night we realized that we had left one of the windows slightly open so our cabin was cold and there was snow inside! However our kottage is now warm and not snowing inside anymore!
This was a super crazy awesome week! Thanksgiving this week was a very long day! We spent almost all of Thanksgiving Day eating! We had two full thanksgiving dinners and another Dessert, not to mention the leftovers that we got as well. Turkey sandwiches for days! It was really nice to eat thanksgiving dinner with a family.
So this week was full of all kinds of miracles! One of the first miracles happened on Monday night. We were out contacting someone that lived in an apartment building. We knocked on their door and no one was home, but just before we left we had the thought to try the door behind us. The lady that opened the door saw who we were and let us right in! As it turned out she has been wanting to read the Book of Mormon for a while but had not had the time to go get one yet! It was awesome! Another awesome experience happened on Tuesday night. One of our lessons cancelled on us so we turned to our backup plan. As we started to drive over to where our backup plan was we both had the thought to turn around and knock on the door next the people that had cancelled. When we did they let us in. It was awesome!
Another Amazing thing is the initiative that the Church has started called HE is the Gift! It is about how Christ is the gift of Christmas. I love this Christmas season! I love the snow even when it blows into our house and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Elder Cameron J Kimball

 Snow inside the kottage

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