Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still snow

Hello All
    So there is still snow on the ground and falling from the sky, and I think it’s here to stay this time. It hasn’t been too cold this past week; it has been mostly in the 20's. None of my fingers or toes have fallen off yet so it’s not too cold yet. Thankfully we have not been stuck very much this week, we have been very close many times! This week we have been working really hard and have seen blessings come!
    This week has been awesome! We have begun to see miracles more and more this week. We have been blessed with four new investigators this week and with investigators that are beginning to progress towards baptism! On Sunday after our Ward council meeting we were deciding if we should drive out to the house of one of our investigators to help her get to the church building. We finally decided to go even though we would be pressed for time to get back to sacrament, but we felt we should go. As we were hopping into the car she pulled up right in front of us! We jumped out and talked with her. After she parked she came in to church! It was awesome! We knew that we need to go even though we would not have made it back in time if we had to go all the way out to her house. Heavenly Father knew that she was coming and that we need to be outside to meet her so she had someone to go in with. It was a very amazing miracle. I know that the Lord guides us as we do our best to be obedient. I am confident that the Lord is guiding us to those that are in need. Many times this week we have felt we needed to go to someone's house and when we got there, there was someone stuck in the snow that needed our help getting out. Also after we pushed them out we no longer felt that we should go visit the people we were originally going to visit but rather a different person and ended up finding another person to push out of the snow. I know the Lord has been guiding us to where he needs us to be.  I love this work and I know that whatever happens will be what needs to happen and what I need to do is my best to working hard and serving the Lord. Thank You for all your support, I can feel it in the work we have been doing!

I Love you all

Elder Cameron J Kimball

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